Fuel Your Truck, Equipment and Toys With Transfer Flow’s All-in-one 40-Gallon Toolbox and Refueling Tank Combo

July 9, 2012By Tow ProfessionalHooked Up

Transfer Flow, Inc., a leading manufacturer of aftermarket fuel tank systems, has introduced a 40-gallon toolbox and refueling tank combo – great for manually filling your fuel tank as well as filling other vehicles or equipment.  This innovative new product incorporates a toolbox with over six cubic feet of storage space. It fits domestic and … Read More

Custom Tool Boxes

July 9, 2012By Tow ProfessionalHooked Up

Highway Products -a highly respected manufacturer of heavy-gauge aluminum flatbeds, service beds, headache racks and grill guards – offers a full line of standard and custom Aluminum Toolboxes. The White City, Oregon, manufacturer of Pickup and Semi accessories builds their unique line of under body and step tool boxes with non-sag doors and uses thickest … Read More

Care and Feed of Your Winch

January 15, 2012By Tow ProfessionalTow Tips

By Richard Farrell Winches are generally one of the most used and abused tools that towers have. Over the years, I have seen some amazing things done to winches and cables. Some left my mechanics wondering how these were done. Some types of winches will take abuse better than others, but all need care and … Read More

Bailey’s Towing Accessories-Jump Start Box

January 9, 2012By Tow ProfessionalHooked Up

The JNC660 is a 12 volt hand held jump start box. It is extremely durable and reliable. The box delivers 1700 peak amps of jump starting power, has 1700 peak amps, 425 cranking amps, 46″ long, 4 gauge heavy duty cables, a built in charger. The JNC660 is rugged, durable, & field proven. Call Bailey’s … Read More