Getting Back on the Road Faster

Opportunities for Tow Truck Operators In today’s fast paced world our highways have become the largest rolling ware houses in the “just in time” system used in North America. Accidents happen 24/7 and vary from mild collisions to horrific multi-vehicle pileups. While emergency response teams assist the injured, the police are responsible to protect the scene from further accidents and keep … Read More

When Opportunity Goes Down The Drain

By Perry Beaty Cleaning up an accident scene can involve more than sweeping up broken glass especially if a Big Rig is the casualty. Highway mishaps where fuel spills occur can sometimes prolong vehicle recovery efforts if it becomes necessary to pump off the fuel tanks.That task requires a certified Hazmat technician known as “HAZWOPER” … Read More

Towing and a Commercial Driver’s License

There seems to be a lot of confusion as to what you need as far as a CDL to drive a wrecker or roll back. I guess the first thing would be to explain just what a CDL is, and isn’t. If you operate any vehicle, which transports hazardous materials in sufficient quantities as to … Read More

While You Were Out … Keeping Your Company in Motion

It’s  two  o’clock in the morning and a customer calls to get the price for a car that was towed last week. You are at the grocery store with a cart full of groceries, and as you start putting your items on the belt and the checker has asked you if you found everything, your … Read More

Starting System Cables

Associated Equipment has been producing Professional Quality Booster Cables and Plug-in Starting Systems for over 60 years.  The plug-in starting system is designed with both the operator and the customer in mind.  Features include heavy-duty tangle-free cables that remain flexible in extremely cold weather, solid copper jaws with poly-vinyl insulated clamps and “Flexi-Spring” cable guards … Read More

Jump Packs . . . Non-traditional Uses

Todd K., AW Direct Technical Product Support Over the years experience has taught me one thing for certain: jump packs are not just for jump-starting vehicles anymore. The first out-of-the-ordinary use that comes to mind is bench testing 12-volt components. I was in my home shop one night trying to find a good CD-radio to … Read More