GPS Solutions Deliver Tangible Benefits

Labor and fuel are the two biggest line items on a tow operator’s operating budget. If you could cut fuel costs by 15 percent or more, it would have a major impact on your business. What about maintenance costs? Insurance? Liability?

Efficient Fleets Start With Quality Software

In the towing industry, we often overlook the fundamentals of operating a solid fleet. Though it is true we are typically more mechanically skilled and rarely cannot haul our own equipment when it is down, there is no reason to settle for reactive maintenance where we just fix what breaks.

Automatic Transmission Fluid

Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATF) are the most complex fluids used in today’s vehicles. These complexly designed fluids perform multiple functions including

Your Attitude is Everything

Attitude is the way you view your life, your experiences in the towing business and your experiences outside the towing business. Attitude is how you deal with your opportunities, your problems and choices and then your responses to the results.

Know the Lighting Requirements for Your Tow Trucks

Before we get into the discussion of the lighting requirements that are specific to tow trucks, let’s look at the general lighting requirements in the federal regulations. These requirements are found in two places


It’s not uncommon for towers to get in a comfort zone, especially when things are going good, and they continue to do the same thing every day. The owners love to take their trucks out and tow. That’s what they are good at and that is what they know best, but in these ever-changing times, it is time for the owners to expand their horizons and look for ways to improve their businesses.