Hanby Environmental In-Field Contamination Analysis Solution for Hydrocarbon Spills

When responding to an emergency hydrocarbon spill, time is of the essence in all aspects. The Harby Enbvironmental Field Test Kits were developed by John D. Hanby in 1986 after he rand the lab at NASA for ten years. Having the understanding that a simple, accurate, and cost-effective means of spot testing hydrocarbon contamination was of paramount need for spill response, Mr. … Read More

OMG Solutions and the ELMN8 Line

OMG Solutions and the ELMN8 product line were developed in response to a void of effective hydrocarbon-contamination management products throughout Randy Cook’s twenty-five years in the oilfield services industry dealing with hydrocarbon spills. During his time in the oilfield, he encountered every product on the market, but they all seemed to have flaws. Either the product would be effective but highly … Read More


Do you lead or follow the competition? Do you set the bar and raise the standards or just go with the flow? Do you complain and hope things change in your favor or do you instigate change? Most importantly, is your business growing or just maintaining its current revenue stream? Do you have the ability and desire to bring about … Read More


Excellence in Quality, Customer Service, and Adaptability Safety lighting and work lights have been evolving for years and will continue to evolve as new technologies are developed. You may still remember the days when safety lighting consisted of an incandescent or halogen bulb in a chrome base with a colored glass or plastic lens and a mirror that rotated around the … Read More


As investigators combed the brushladen creek bed, the sun began to dip behind the Texas horizon. Nearby, a 6.5- foot light tower mounted to a truck from Euless B&B Wrecker Service cast a farreaching glow on the scene where an officer had been shot in the line of duty. It wasn’t the first time the B&B crew had been … Read More

TowMate® TM-FLUX Tow Light

WHERE IT ALL BEGAN In 1985, Bryan Anderson, Owner/President of TowMate®, vowed to make the towing industry safer for the towing professional. Operating his own towingpool service one frosty night, Bryan received a towing call and jumped into action. Arriving at the scene, he saw an icy cold, miserable situation– one he was going to be in shortly. At this moment, … Read More

Tools for Working at Night

The challenges you face as a tow professional are endless. Working in the dark magnifies the difficulty of your work ten-fold. Thankfully, advances in lighting technology over the past 10 years has provided new and improved tools to make your job safer and easier at night. LED lights came into the market about 10 years ago. The main benefit at … Read More