Don’t Crush Your Cash: Sell Your Vehicle in Five Easy Steps

Don't Crush Your Cash

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Abandoned vehicles take up space on a towing lot and can be a big financial burden for those businesses. As an alternative to crushing a car, there are plenty of resources for tow companies looking to free up space in their lots.

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Many customers abandon their vehicles because they often think the process of selling their vehicle can be long and burdensome.  According to Ray Rodecker and Ron Walters of Insurance Auto Auctions (IAA), this is a common misconception. “We have developed a full-service solution, from title procurement to quick and easy payment options,” says Rodecker. Adds Walters, “This simplifies the process and helps companies get their vehicles to auction and turned into cash fast.”

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IAA says that customers can quickly turn their vehicles into cash through a simple process.  It starts with towers showing customers how IAA’s process works and what to expect when partnering with IAA. Educating customers on such resources has an added benefit for towers. Here are five easy steps:

  1. Contact IAA: First, contact a local IAA facility to learn more about locations and services nearby.  IAA has facilities in over 160 locations across North America.
  2. Secure Title: Securing a title can have the biggest impact and IAA’s Title Services division has developed an efficient, simplified and flexible suite of solutions, which help to reduce the length of time it takes to secure a vehicle title and sell the vehicle at auctions.
  3. Process Vehicle: IAA offers marketing and auction services to give sellers exposure to hundreds of buyers internationally – this in turn clears their lots fast and increases profits.
  4. Auction Vehicle: IAA’s model combines on-site and on-line buyers into one auction, which fosters a healthy, competitive bidding experience designed to give buyers the choice to manage their bids on the go. Through IAA’s mobile app CSAToday®, customers can also track the status of their vehicles and accept bids.
  5. Collect Money: Sellers can be assured that IAA is getting the best value on their sold vehicle and quickly turning it into cash. IAA Selling ServicesSM gives buyers flexible bidding options. Buyers can choose to bid on vehicles live and live-online through I-Bid LiveSM or purchase direct through IAA Buy FastSM.

Don't Crush Your Cash

IAA provides full services solutions to help towing companies turn their abandoned cars into cash.  Through its unique hybrid auction model — including live, Internet and proxy bidding – IAA auctions offer everything from highly repairable high grade vehicles to pure scrap vehicles, working in partnership with a range of sellers including insurance companies, dealerships, rental car companies, and fleet lease companies. IAA also sells directly to recyclers on behalf of those hoping to crush their vehicle and recently expanded its operations to include its Tow and Abandonments division, which helps towing companies’ clear abandoned vehicles from their lots quickly without draining their bank accounts.

As part of IAA’s efforts to assist tow companies in recouping the financial losses associated with abandoned vehicles, Rodecker and Walters have been hosting a series of free educational seminars for towing professionals. Towers learn about the advantages of the auction process, navigating the title procurement system and calculating the value of abandoned vehicles sitting on their lots.

For more information about IAA’s services or to learn about upcoming “Don’t Crush Your Cash” seminars, contact Ray Rodecker and Ron Walters at 888.825.2145 or