What is “Follow the Leader?” For Beacon, it’s an invitation to towing and roadside assistance companies to step ahead of their competitors and take advantage of the number one dispatch software on the market. For businesses that require dispatch software, it’s a reminder that finding the right system takes work. There are lots of companies popping out of the woodwork, and it can be difficult to sort through the multitude of advertisements and flashy slogans.

That’s why Beacon keeps it simple. In August of 2019, Beacon Software began the “Follow the Leader” campaign in order to connect with towers and showcase 19 strong years in the towing and roadside assistance industry.

It’s no wonder roadside assistance professionals around the world depend on Beacon to provide easy-to-use tools that help them efficiently dispatch their drivers and manage their businesses.

Beacon Goes the Distance

Customer expectations change with shifting technology and industry standards, which is why Beacon Software employees go the distance to keep their customers informed about product updates and training opportunities. When you’re on the road and you run into a question, you need an answer fast. In addition to regular email updates, Beacon Software delivers the friendliest support staff in the industry.

What makes Beacon Software different? Beacon was designed for towing and roadside professionals by industry veterans. Rudy Smith is the CEO of Beacon Software, and co-owner of Rudy Smith Towing and Recovery. This New Orleans-based towing operation is celebrating its 100th year in business. He cites the importance of using tow management software, “Without accountability, it’s difficult to discern the best ways to improve your business and offer more efficient roadside assistance,” says Smith. “Things like map view, instant access to driver locations and payment processing changed the game completely.” Having spent years on the road himself, Smith recognizes how critical a robust software solution is to his business.

Companies consistently recognize Beacon for their flagship product, Dispatch Anywhere, the program that took the towing and roadside assistance industry into the future, but Beacon’s suite of software offers a solution for everyone. Most recently, Beacon Software introduced the GPS Map View feature to Dispatch Anywhere’s sister product, TowMagic. Now, companies of all sizes can track drivers and get ETAs for faster, more efficient dispatching.

First in Show

Beacon Software is known for its firsts, but most people don’t know just how many features it introduced to the towing and roadside assistance industry. The following are just the top ten features that Beacon made possible with Dispatch Anywhere.

  • 1st Cloud Based
  • 1st Digital Dispatch
  • 1st Computer Aided Dispatch
  • 1st GPS Integration
  • 1st Smart Phone Manager/Driver App
  • 1st in Data Security
  • 1st Multi-Division Management System
  • 1st Mobile Credit Card Integration
  • 1st Automated Motor Club Billing
  • 1st Drag and Drop Dispatch

The best part about being first in the industry is that Beacon had the most time to develop and modernize its software. Today, Beacon Software looks a lot different than it did in the beginning–same great ideas with cleaner, modernized applications.

Your Next Employee of the Year

If you ask any Beacon customer, they’ll tell you one of their favorite employees is their Dispatch Anywhere system. That’s because owning a software that saves time and enforces accountability is priceless. Your software can never replace your dedicated, hardworking drivers and dispatchers. Rather, your software exists to support your team and help you connect with motor clubs, your staff and your customers.

One of the most important things a software company can do is listen to its customers. Beacon Software takes customer feedback and uses it to improve their platform. Most recently, Dispatch Anywhere updated to include automatic job import for IAA and Copart, enhanced its job tracking history and introduced more benefits for Square credit card users. Additionally, Dispatch Anywhere provides the following, integral features.

  • A/R Accounting– As well as the ability to export to Quickbooks™.
  • Smart Assign-Lightning fast recommendations to minimize time finding the best driver for the call.
  • Track Assets– Know where your drivers and vehicles are in relation to their jobs on a map.
  • Autocomplete– Minimize data entry with address autosuggest and pricing templates for quick and accurate call entry.
  • Anywhere Mobile– Dispatchers are not chained to a desk. They can be mobile and manage every call.
  • Dispatch Motor Club Jobs– Assign jobs that are sent from motor clubs.
  • Continuous FREE Training- Never get left in the dark on new features. Faster ramp up for new employees.

Live Weekly Training with Matt

President of Beacon Software, Todd Althouse, realized that, as Beacon evolved, it would need to develop modern ways to communicate with its customers. “One of our proudest achievements is our ability to connect with our customers. Matt’s regular training and demo updates allow our customers to communicate directly with and learn even more about their software investment,” says Althouse.

Keeping your employees fully trained and up-to-date on new features is one of the best ways to stay ahead of your competition. In order to better share updates and tutorials with Beacon Customers, Training and Support Manager, Matt Tortorici, hosts demos, training sessions, and informational assemblies live on YouTube every Friday at 1 pm EST.

Taking the Leap into Towing and Roadside Management Software

Making the switch to use dispatch software can be daunting, especially because the towing and roadside assistance industry is built on the back of tried and true methods. No one knows these methods better than Ronnie Smith, co-owner of Beacon Software and Rudy Smith Towing and Recovery.  Smith assisted in the recovery management efforts of one of the worst natural disasters to date, Hurricane Katrina. “We could have never managed 17 towing companies, hundreds of tow trucks and recovered tens of thousands of boats and vehicles after Katrina if we had not developed Dispatch Anywhere.  It’s just a necessity and has made life so much easier,” says Smith. “No one likes change, but once you make the switch to Dispatch Anywhere, you will wonder why you didn’t years ago.  It just makes your operation run so much more efficiently, relieves stress, and saves money.”