Secrets of the Wealthy Shared with Towers

Last year was caused by something completely out of our control.  It was disastrous for the towing industry, and some of our businesses struggled while others disappeared.  Normally, towers can foresee something coming down the road and can change directions, but 2020 caught most of us by surprise.  

As hardworking Americans, towers had never experienced anything like it before.  Even though scientific knowledge and mandated plans were presented for us to fight this disaster, our businesses and families suffered the brunt of it.  Some were prepared for change.  Others were not.  And yet, some saw those changes as opportunities to make gains.  When catastrophe happens, the wealthy see opportunity.  Here’s your opportunity to do the same as the wealthy. 

As a facilitator and speaker, it has been my privilege to inform you when things make sense for our towing industry.  It is common practice that successful businesses create a yearly business plan, and some will also create an alternate plan should their cash flow mysteriously drop off.  With the lives of their family and employees hanging in the balance, they should be prepared.

Several of my articles in 2020 covered the importance of being prepared for what can happen in the future, and I talked about a special book that was written by my two colleagues, Steve Siebold and Tom Mathews.  An easy read for the average reader with only an hour or so to complete, the How Money Works book helps unfold those STRATEGIES that the wealthy people use to make their money.  Those secret strategies are no longer reserved for just the wealthy.  Up to this point, the wealthy have used this information for themselves.  I have made it easy for you to get this information by offering the HMW book at an extremely reduced price.  However, I am about to make it even easier for you to get this more in-depth information.

During multiple events and conferences across several industries last year, I was scheduled to speak on the information covered in the HMW book.  At all those meetings, I was going to reveal where the wealthy see opportunity and use it to their benefit.  To them, every disaster presents GREAT opportunity. 

Along with the Bible in 2021, the book, How Money Works should be a staple in your home or business.  Why?  The book is chocked full of information which gives the reader a solid starting point to building a more secure life filled with confidence and a more financially independent future with many opportunities. No matter who you are and what your goals might be, security and independence are what all towers want anyway.

How Money Works is the first financial educational book that anyone, at any age can enjoy and benefit from, ages 10 all the way to 100.  And, speaking of the number 100, the book has now been featured on over 100 prominent TV shows  including CNBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX.  My goal is not to give you a PhD in finance but rather to teach you the basics you need to know to start making smarter decisions about your money and your wealth with a new sense of urgency.  This should be taught in school, but sadly, it has not been.  Remember, you do not have to be wealthy to think like the wealthy.  You only need knowledge, and this is your chance to hear the secrets that the wealthy use to grow their money.  It is never too late to learn the information they use.

In a push to help as many towers as I could in 2020, lots of you ordered books for yourself or family members, or maybe even purchased them as gifts.  Others of you went a step further and purchased them for your towing employees and management teams.  I offered the How Money Works book at a reduced price of $10 because as a necessary staple it should be easily available for helping towers.  Amazon still sells the How Money Works, Stop Being a Sucker book for $16.95 but adds fees for shipping and handling costs. 

Fortunately, you can still purchase this book from me at only $10 per copy WITHOUT any shipping or handling charges.  If you want a book now, call me at 770-301-4122.  Are you wondering why I keep referencing this book in 2021?  

In addition to getting the book, How Money Works, Stop Being a Sucker at a reduced rate, you can also attend a FREE online class about the book taught by a financial educator.  The whole book is broken down into ELEMENTS and can be covered in five segments.  For more details or information on how you can participate in such a class, give me a call. If you want a book or two now, just text me on my mobile at 770-301-4122, and I will be happy to get them to you.  

See you next time.