Beacon Software is An Approved Vendor for All Motor Club Integrations0

Beacon Software has been getting a lot of calls from customers expressing their appreciation that Beacon is the fastest, most reliable software on the market. The company attributes this success to the dedication and drive of its employees who never stopped working on new features and updates during the pandemic. Over the last two decades, Beacon has stood alongside towing and roadside professionals and seen over 125 million calls dispatched through their platform. Now, to celebrate, Beacon is offering a 60-Day free trial of their flagship product, Dispatch Anywhere, to anyone who signs up during the month of April.

First 60-Days Free of Dispatch Anywhere

Beacon is looking forward to showcasing Dispatch Anywhere’s new features and product updates. Beacon’s most recent updates reflect the industry’s need for increased efficiency and remote options during the pandemic. Beacon is offering a 60-Day Free Trial of Dispatch Anywhere to anyone who signs up during the month of April. For customers who have already joined the Beacon suite with TowMagic, Beacon is offering special pricing options to upgrade to Dispatch Anywhere.

Beacon encourages those interested in hearing about what Beacon is doing to adapt to industry changes to contact us and talk shop with professionals who love their work. Beacon is happy to provide you with a virtual demonstration before you start your 60 Days Free of Dispatch Anywhere! For those looking for their next lienholder search and notification solution, Beacon Software is offering your first vehicle free when you sign up for TowLien!

Important Motor Club Integration Updates

Beacon Software is an approved vendor for all Motor Club integrations and takes pride in its longstanding partnerships with Motor Clubs such as Allstate, Agero, AAA/CAA, Geico, NSD, Copart, USAC, Questx, Allied Dispatch Solutions, Pinnacle, FleetNet America, National Automobile Club, Gerber, Swoop. And Beacon would like to offer a warm and hearty welcome to the two newest Motor Clubs to partner with Beacon Software: Tesla and Roadside Protect!

Updated Digital Dispatch for Agero/Swoop Providers

Beacon has partnered with Agero/Swoop to offer an updated Digital Dispatch, Job Status, GPS interface platform! Dispatch Anywhere users can now import calls using the new Agero approved two-way integration. This makes it quick and easy for drivers to complete their Agero/Swoop jobs without leaving the Beacon Dispatch Anywhere Software.

Latest Beacon Software Dispatch Anywhere Updates

The programmers at Beacon Software take customer convenience and feedback into consideration with every new update and feature. First and foremost, speed and reliability are their number one priority, which is reflected in the most recent updates. The following are some important features that Beacon Software added to increase efficiency for both Drivers and Dispatchers:

  1. AAA 2-Way Integration (D3 and Bringg). Beacon Software has made it easier than ever to complete jobs with their new AAA 2-way integrations. The enhanced AAA D3 and Bringg import process allows Dispatch Anywhere users to import calls and send AAA clear codes from dispatch or directly from drivers in the field.
  2. Towbook Data Import. For those who are transitioning from Towbook, Beacon makes the data transition easy and hassle-free. Any Towbook user who joins Beacon Software will not lose their call history. Experience accelerated set-up, because Beacon can import Accounts, Drivers, and Trucks.
  3. Find Lost Customers. Users can now find lost customers by requesting their location. They simply tap the link and receive via text message and Dispatch Anywhere will automatically store their location.
  4. Updated TowLien and Dispatch Anywhere Integration. Beacon Software has improved the integration between Dispatch Anywhere and TowLien! Now, users can automatically send vehicles from Dispatch Anywhere to TowLien, reducing entry of current charges and vehicle information! The improved integration also automatically stops the lien process if a vehicle is released from impound.
  5. Online Service Requests. Receive online service requests through your company website or by sharing a link with your customers!
  6. Weekly Dispatch Anywhere Performance Reports. Track your performance with easy-to-understand reports. Dispatch Anywhere customers receive weekly reports tracking jobs, offers, and impound statistics. These automatic reports are emailed to the owner or manager every week.
  7. Mobile Square and Card Connect Chip Reader Integration. Dispatch Anywhere now supports four different integrated payment solutions, including Square and Card Connect, allowing dispatches to take payment directly through the desktop and mobile apps. Visit

Additional Updates:

  • Automatically Send Vehicles to TowLien When Time to Send Lien Holder Notifications
  • Square/Paya/Card Connect/XpressPay Email Payment Options
  • Submit Jobs to Dispatch Anywhere Through Service Request Form
  • Automatically Submit jobs to Motor Clubs
  • Automatically Add Services to Jobs Based on Reason or Defaults
  • Touchless Signature – Tow Ticket and Damage Report
  • New Private Property Impound Features
  • Over 50 New or Updated Reports

TowLien is a Florida Approved 3rd Party Vendor

TowLien is the preferred digital lien and impound management software in Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia! If your state isn’t currently listed on the TowLien website, Beacon will help you create a TowLien statewide compliant lien notice, so you can start using TowLien to mail your letters.

First Search Free: TowLien is One of Two FL Approved 3rd Party Vendors 

Attention Florida! TowLien is an official Florida State Approved Vendor. Beacon Software’s TowLien keeps towers, mechanics, and body shops compliant with TL-25 & TL-26! The best part?

  • No Startup Fee
  • No Monthly Fee
  • No Inactivity Fee

Get your first vehicle search free! Visit to learn more about TowLien’s digital lien notification services, including 24/7 lien processing, email and text reminders, and live support.

Ready to Make the Switch? Beacon’s Team of Experts is Here to Help

First, the team at Beacon wants to thank all of their customers who have offered nothing but positivity, kind words, and useful feedback during this unexpected year. If you’re still curious about if Beacon Software is right for you, try the 60-Day Free Trial of Dispatch Anywhere for customers who sign up during April so Beacon can get you started with advanced, efficient, and secure dispatch software. You’ll see why Beacon’s customers say that Beacon Software is their next Employee of the Year.