Order Your New Ford F-650 or F-750 Truck with the Velvac 2020XL Mirror System

F650 w 2020XL 2
Velvac’s 2020XL mirror system is the new OE standard production option on Ford F-650 and F-750 truck chassis. The 96”and 102” wide models provide great styling and visibility for many wide body commercial vehicle applications. It achieves class-leading visibility and glass stability through a series of innovative design features aimed at improving the rigidity of the mirror system as well as dampening unwanted vibration frequencies.

  • Integrated base, arm and mirror head for added stability
  • Innovative pivot system allows mirrors to fold and return to a patented adjustable “home” position for easy vehicle storage and added safety
  • Advanced vibration dampening ensures clear visibility even on rough road surfaces
  • Large 93.4-sq.-in. flat and 44.4-sq.-in. convex glass eliminate blind spots
  • Mirror glass and mirror heads are easily replaceable to reduce vehicle down time and service costs
  • Mirror shell available in textured black or with chrome skullcap
  • Flat glass available in manual or heated/remote control adjustment options

Sean D. Custis