TowMate Reveals New Low Cost Series of LED Light Bars


Looking to replace an old rotator beacon bar with an LED light bar, or simply looking to find an affordable LED light bar without purchasing cheaply made imports destined to fail? Well, TowMate has just announced their new LC Series of 59” light bars to fill that role. Unlike their 59” Power-Link light bars (their line of ‘essentially wireless’ lighting) that contain up to 32 LED light heads on a fully populated unit, the LC59 contains 14 extremely brilliant light heads in two different configuration options (evenly spaced or concentrated towards the ends). An upgraded version is available that incorporates two LED work
lights and wireless S/T/T modules that are also compatible with the ever-popular TM22G “Limelight” wireless tow light. Units start at $750 and, as with all TowMate products, are made in the USA and carry a lifetime warranty.

For information or to find a local dealer, visit or call (800) 680-4455