Tie Rod Coupler – Upgraded Material

Steck Manufacturing Company has upgraded the Tie Rod Coupler (P/N 71470) which allows Tow Truck Drivers and lot drivers the ability to temporarily steer a damaged vehicle that suffered a broken tie rod as part of the collision damage.

Now made from tough T6 grade Aluminum coupler with dual I-bolt set screws provide a quick temporary steering repair for vehicles with a broken tie rod:

  1. Tow Truck drivers can properly center the loading of the vehicle eliminating the frustration and time currently required to stop load process to re-direct the damaged wheel to properly secure the vehicle as well as unloading vehicles from roll back wreckers to lot storage.
  2. Lot drivers can drive the damaged vehicle to the frame bench or repair stall for the collision repair.

Tie Rod Coupler I-bolt set screws secures the coupler to the broken tie rod by hand tightening and/or locking down the set screws by using a small leverage bar.

Labor/Material Savings: Tie Rod Coupler’s temporary steering fix saves the tow driver up to 15 minutes by ensuring the driver’s ability to center and properly secure the vehicle on the roll back bed as well as maneuvering the vehicle around the lot without using tow trucks, rolling out MIG welders from the shop to the lot so that the technician can temporarily weld the tie rod together, wheel or car dollies so the damaged vehicle can be steered into the shop for repair.

This timesaver sells for a mere $34.95. Check out the “Tie Rod Coupler” on Steck’s web page at www.steckmfg.com See your Steck dealer and pickup your Tie Rod Coupler Tool today!