TowMate Power-Link light bars brighter, more versatile!

Once again, TowMate Power-Link light bars have received an upgrade. If you thought these bars were bright before, which they very much were, then get ready because TowMate has redesigned the light heads where they are now 20% brighter. Additionally, dual color heads are now available. Finally, each function can now be configured to your liking. Have a preference for a different strobe pattern or how the traffic director operates? No sweat. Simply wave a magnet over a sensor on the bar with that particular function activated and cycle through various options. Once you set it, the pattern will always activate that way until you decide to change it again. These 2-wire install light bars are available in any size from 9” to 100”. As with all TowMate products, they are made in the USA and carry a lifetime warranty on electronics and LED’s.

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