Best Tools began as one of the first companies to produce and focus on “lock-out tools.”

Best Tools began as one of the first companies to produce and focus on “lock-out tools.” It is a family-run company founded by Cliff Crowder, later joined by daughter Jan Wiles and then grandson Todd Wiles. The First lock-out kit consisted of 6 items commonly referred to as the “6 pack” and is still the nucleus of today’s kits. Over 80 years ago, the tools of choice were a coat hanger, a long rod, and a slim jim. Today, those tools, and many more, have been created to better serve the industry. Our tools are made and assembled in our facilities in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. Best Tools takes pride in using USA raw materials with USA workers for the BEST quality possible. We have manufactured over 30 different lock-out tools, as well as specialty tools for other companies. Marketing of lock-out kits and individual tools is accomplished through a network of loyal distributors, Internet sales, and direct sales. The most popular lock-out tools today are our 55” Magic Wands, Air wedges, grooved wedges, and our new Silver Snatcher (loop tool). Best Tools also offers a full line of towing equipment, including wireless tow lights and light bars, strobing, chains and chain assemblies, tie-downs and straps, slings, wire-rope, skates, and etc. Please check us out at for lock-out tools, skates, and a few of our wireless tow lights. Our new website coming to you soon will be where you can see a full line of our products. Please feel free to call us at 1-800-541-8568 or Todd’s cell phone 479-427-9370, or contact Jan at for any orders or questions you may have. Don’t forget Cliff…he can be found at the golf course.

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