Inexpensive to buy
Inexpensive to operate
Simple to install

Zacklift FIFTHWHEELER owners report paying for the equipment in 6 months. The FIFTHWHEELER keeps
operating costs down with low insurance costs, lighter weight for less fuel consumed and less tire wear.
Buyer-friendly finance terms make it possible to make profit, not big payments.
The FIFTHWHEELER arrives ready for hook-up. Loads and drops just like a semi-trailer. Every possible
step of installation is factory completed.

+ Hydraulic valve with both levers and remote control
+ Quality viper red paint
+ Glad-hands and third pneumatic tool line
+ 5 sets high-tensile cast steel frame forks
+ Multi positional fork receivers
+ Second receivers, 12” reach extenders + LED stop, tail, turn lights
+ Front leveler stands
+ Built-in fork rack
+ Quick disconnects for hydraulic lines, air and electrical
+ Rotomolded valve cover

+ 20,000 and 30,000 lb Warn planetary winch with roller guide
+ Custom gullwing tool boxes
+ Industrial quality wireless remote control
+ Tire Lift, SUV through 24.5
+Trailer 5th Wheel Hitch, Locking Spring Forks, 5” & 10” Risers, 5” & 8” Steertek Forks +more (Darian,
make two lines as needed)

+ 32,000 or 40,000 lb lift rating
+ 84,000 or 100,000 lb tow rating
+ Reach past tailboard 131” or 147”
+ Retracted distance 60” or 67”
+ Weight 2800 lbs or 4100 lbs
+ 30* Tilt Range, 78” or 101” (Darian, use degree sign)

For information, contact:
Zacklift International, Inc.
Toll-free 844-ZACKLIFT