VTS Systems Software

“Without doubt, technology is changing our industry; whether you are operating server or cloud-based
management software, or maybe clinging to pen and paper, change is inevitable. This technology freight train is coming through your town. “You have a choice, jump on, or get left behind.” As harsh as this last statement sounds, it is a terse reality, as a business owner or tow company employee, you cannot afford to be left behind. This harsh reality applies to all aspects of our industry, including efficient software, the threat of third party dispatching, non-consent police tows, private property towing, and consent motor club tows. No one, company has the resources to be all things to all people; the answer is to collaborate with others whose added-value features enhance your company’s offering. We encourage you to join, support and collaborate with your state’s towing Association, get involved and become informed. This ultimately benefits your company’s competitive advantage, and its long-term profitability, and or survival.

VTS Systems collaborates with other like-minded companies to bring you a better and more cost effective
product. An example of collaboration, for our larger clients, and those who require more than simple
bookkeeping, VTS Systems offers optional integration with QuickBooks. Here is why it makes good business
sense… Beyond basic accounts receivable and tracking driver commissions, enhanced general accounting and
payroll features are not considered part of towing and storage lot management. From engineering concept to
final product, all things are enhanced with software, and the requests for new software features are neverending. However, money and resources are not bottomless, and it is important that basic towing software be affordable. Offering expansion options and collaborating with other companies to provide integrated value-add services is a cost-effective method of providing more features for companies with the need, and deeper pockets.

To meet the varied needs of large or small towing companies, VTS Systems offers VTS Lite and VTS Classic,
server and PC-based applications. VTS Lite is a comprehensive, yet low cost software application designed to meet the needs of small family towing businesses. VTS Classic caters to larger organizations that may operate under multiple names, and manage one or multiple storage facilities. VTS Classic offers in-house options, including a heavy-duty towing package, and a fully integrated auction package. Our collaborated offerings include, USPS compliant fully automated electronic certified mail, multistate access to more than 28 state DMV’s and nationwide access to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVITS), and enhanced GPS telematics. Collaboration with global Telematics leader, TomTom provides in office WEBFLEET
management and in vehicle turn-by-turn routing instructions and vehicle/driver performance monitoring.

VTS Systems supports towers in all 50 states and Canada, but our specialty is Texas, the most regulated towing state in the nation. In 2015, VTS Systems will step boldly into the future, offering the next generation of cloudbased software, and there are benefits to both server/PC and cloud technologies that need to be explored. VTS Systems is more than just a software company, we provide tier 1 and tier 2 online PC and server support, alongside our renowned, every day Client software support, and tow business consulting. With North Korea’s recent state-sponsored hacking of Sony Pictures and last year hacks of Target, Home Depot, and Chase bank, among others, it is time to review your PC/office network security. Although it is highly unlikely that statesponsored hacking will directly affect your business, alarm bells should be ringing, as your business is considered low hanging fruit, by less skilled hackers. VTS Systems, supports hundreds of towing and VSF companies across the US and Canada, no questions are left unanswered, our management team has years of experience operating in senior technical, marketing and managerial positions with fortune 500 companies. Call today, and experience the difference. VTS Systems 281.373.3072, extension 3 or www.vts-systems.com.