We’re pleased to announce that GUNIWHEEL™ 80 is now ready for preorder. GUNIWHEEL™ 80 is the big brother follow up to the award-winning GUNIWHEEL™ 45 and 56 models. The 8 lug version is bigger than the previous models to accommodate the size and weight of the bigger trucks and vans.

The overall diameter is 24.5” and 3.5”  wide with a weight capacity tested up to 3,500 lbs per wheel. With GUNIWHEEL™ 80, shops can now easily mount, move or transport 8 lug trucks and chassis like Ford F-250, Chevrolet C2500 and Silverado 2500, Dodge RAM 2500, and GMC Sierra 2500.  Preorder today. Shipping July 2021.