HAAS Alert and the Towing and Recovery Association of America (TRAA) New Partnership


HAAS Alert and the Towing and Recovery Association of America (TRAA) announced a new partnership today to improve safety and prevent collisions for towing professionals. Under the agreement, TRAA members will have access to exclusive fleet benefits with Safety Cloud®, the industry-leading collision prevention service for emergency responders and roadside workers developed by HAAS Alert. To support the towing community further, TRAA non-members with eligibly sized fleets that equip Safety Cloud will also receive a year of complimentary TRAA membership.

Collisions and struck-by incidents are the leading cause of death for towing and recovery professionals. Even though all 50 states in the US have Move Over laws, an average of one tow truck driver is killed every six days, and eight towers in the US have already been killed in the first two months of 2020. TRAA and HAAS Alert are committed to addressing this urgent challenge by partnering together to help towers nationwide equip their vehicles with Safety Cloud.

Safety Cloud enables tow trucks and other first responder vehicles to send real-time digital alerts to drivers as they approach active incidents. A small device installed in the truck sends vehicle location data to Safety Cloud, which then delivers alerts to nearby motorists through the Waze app on their mobile devices, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or compatible vehicle infotainment systems, giving them time to react before they reach the incident. Since launching more than two years ago, the Safety Cloud has processed more than 100 million driver alerts. The new partnership between TRAA and HAAS Alert will provide towing operators with valuable protection and benefits including premium fleet pricing and TRAA member support.

Cynthia Martineau, TRAA’s Executive Director, said of the partnership, “We’re excited to be working with HAAS Alert and believe that Safety Cloud provides towers an effective layer of additional protection from approaching drivers, many of whom are simply not paying attention to the roadway. HAAS Alert shares our goal of promoting the wellness and interests of towers, and we look forward to working together in the months ahead to make roads safer for our members and the communities they serve.”

HAAS Alert CEO and founder Cory Hohs said, “Towing is a critical part of emergency response, and every one of us relies on tow truck operators when we need assistance. These operators have one of the highest on-the-job fatality rates in the country, and they deserve more protection than they have today to ensure they can do their job safely. Partnering with TRAA means we can reach more towers than ever, enable them to prevent these collisions from occurring, and finally start solving this problem.