Introduction of the Dual Sided Manual Remote Free‐Spool Option

With tow truck operator safety always at the forefront of Jerr-Dan engineering, Jerr‐Dan is pleased to announce a new option to help promote roadside operator safety. Now available, the “patent pending,” Dual Sided Manual Remote Free‐Spool option for 8,000 lb. and 10,000 lb. Worm Gear winches on standard and medium duty carriers.

The Dual Sided Manual Remote Free-Spool provides the operator with the ability to manually free‐spool the winch from both the driver and passenger sides of the truck. The dual sided functionality is available for all chassis; not just air equipped chassis requiring air free‐spool systems.

One of the key features of the design is the ability to engage and disengage the free‐spool from either side of the truck at any time. Another feature is that in the case that the system gets damaged or bumped accidentally, it will fail safe into the clutch engaged position. A key operational difference is that the system locks in the up position when the clutch is free‐spooled and rests in the lower position when the clutch is engaged.

The system can be retrofitted to a Jerr‐Dan carrier that has the current single sided manual free spool option, with either a standard bolt‐on or stationary headboard setup. The Dual Sided Manual Remote Free‐Spool kit can be purchased from any Jerr-Dan whole goods or parts distributor.

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