Top Products 2019 – RP Recovery Consulting

AirLight Series

Three sizes of inflatable LED light towers make up the AirLight series. From our ultra-portable AirLight to our incredibly powerful AirLight Pro Max, there is a light tower to meet your area lighting needs.

10ft Airlight

  • Height: 9 feet 9 inches
  • Weight: 29 pounds
  • Wattage: 336 Watts
  • Light output: 36,000 lumens
  • Voltage: 120V AC
  • Footprint: 20” x 20” x 18” tall

AirLight Pro

  • Height: 12 feet
  • Weight: 64 pounds
  • Wattage: 860 Watts
  • Light output: 74,400 lumens
  • Voltage: 120V AC
  • Footprint: 28” x 28” x 24” tall

AirLight Pro Max

  • Height: 14 feet
  • Weight: 72 pounds
  • Wattage: 1,100 Watts
  • Light output: 111,000 lumens
  • Voltage: 120V AC
  • Footprint: 28” x 28” x 24” tall

Wireless Headsets


Operators and riggers talk to each other in real-time, hands-free. Deliver instructions clearly and answer questions directly while work caries on. No need to shout or use hand signals – clear communication helps get the job done faster.


There’s no communication breakdown between operators and riggers. On-scene precision and performance goes up as you reduce errors and avoid costly mistakes.


Instant communication allows for timely warnings, alerts, and instructions to the crew. Avoid job hazards and mitigate the risk of injuries and mistakes.

dvanced Technology
That’s Easy to Use Full-duplex Communication

Hands-free simultaneous two-way conversation. No more shouting – easily talk and work at the same time with your entire team.


Far-side operators, talk with your riggers regardless of whether you can see them or not.


Sonetics Listen-Through Technology lets you mix in outside sound to get the right level of hearing protection and situational awareness.


2 feet to 1,600. You can depend on the range – no matter what the incident requires

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