Top Products 2019 – Access Tools

Roadside Creeper

The Roadside Creeper is an extra thick low-clearance creeper or roadside mat for any professional working on an automobile. It can be used roadside when lying down to hook up a vehicle from underneath, or when kneeling to work on a wheel or tire. The thick foam is durable and features a cut-out handle for easy transportation.



Ultimate Long Reach Kit

The Ultimate Long Reach Kit includes every tool and accessory you need to open virtually any vehicle on the road today using the long reach method. This 21-piece kit is the most comprehensive and complete long reach toolset ever made.



Easy Off Twist Socket Set

The Easy Off Twist Socket Set works like magic to remove all damaged or locked lug nuts without a key. With our exclusive sure twist grip technology, locked wheel lugs spin off with no effort. Five socket sizes fit virtually every lock lug nut on the market and are so easy to use with a breaker bar.


Air Jack Air Wedge

Access Tools also makes a variety of Air Jack air wedges designed to help spread the door away from the vehicle, giving the user enough space to insert a Long Reach Tool. These include the:

  • Mini Starter Air Jack for soft metal / painted b-pillars
  • Standard Air Jack that is functional on virtually every vehicle
  • Super Air Jack that tackles heavy-duty door frames
  • Twin Air Jack that works well on stiff door frames.

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