Tow Truck Locator – Digital Buying Process

Economic and Social Effect

“In just a few weeks, the novel coronavirus has undone a century’s worth of our economic and social habits.” (Dubner, 3/18/20, Freakonomics Radio).  Dubner assembled a panel to discuss the impact: Nicholas Bloom, Professor of Economics at Stanford University; Toby Moskowitz, Professor of Finance and Economics at Yale University; and Marshall Burke, Environmental Economist at Standard University. The panel agreed that beyond the economic effects to business, there will also be social effects.

Effective Digital Presence

Over the past decade, the automotive industry has experienced a digital transformation in their customer’s vehicle buying approach (DMI Daily Digest).  Where visiting the nearest dealership to browse inventory was the first step in years past, today consumers are using digital technology to help them shop various models and options. “Consumers have become avid fact-checkers and will usually browse many sites before making a decision…. With an average of 10+ hours being spent on online research alone, it’s important to have the information on your site as accurate and accessible as possible (MAX Digital, 2016)”.  Digital changes such as on-line shopping and research also involves changes in the customer experience such as video marketing, digital advertising and use of mobile devices to pursue information (DMI Daily Digest).

Digital Marketing Strategies

As a Tow Truck Dealer in a niche industry, you may not think this applies to you. As President and Managing Director of Tow Truck Locator LLC, my staff and I deal with tow truck owners and dealers daily. Social distancing is raising awareness that integrating digital technologies and social media strategies into marketing strategy is vital.  The key to embarking on or improving digital transformation is understanding the fundamentals of the digital world, to launch effective marketing campaigns and influence customers through social selling techniques. “Ultimately, the goal of digital techniques should be to ensure the buyer journey is interactive, engaging, and enjoyable (DMI Daily Digest).”

Tow Truck Locator Solution

Tow Truck Locator is an online advertising system for tow trucks and tow industry parts/services. In addition to the national reach of the Internet, we offer social media exposure to our dealer-clients via Facebook, Instagram, and  Twitter. We will also assist you with social media management to grow your integration into the digital world.

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