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Will-Burt Night Scan Light

Emergencies don’t always give you the time to pull out and set up enough bright lights to see what’s going on. Every second counts, so when you’re slowly setting up enough floodlights to see what’s happening, you’re losing precious time. That’s one of the many reasons the Will-Burt Night Scan Light stands out. Able to set up and light up the scene with 60,000 lumens in 15 seconds with only the push of a button, this light lets you focus on what you came to do.

Coming with everything you need to install it, the Will-Burt Night Scan Light installs on top of your truck. No part of it stays inside making extra room. It’s also only 20.25” wide, meaning this narrow light saves quite a bit of space that you can use for other tools and applications. Not only is it very narrow, it lays flat while in a stowed position. However, when you have it up, it stands up to 12 feet tall plus the height of your vehicle. This height gives you a high amount of coverage.

It also does not need a generator, instead it uses the vehicle’s power directly. This frees up space to bring what you actually need. On top of that, you can save money as you don’t have to pay for a generator or to keep the generator running. No more leaving the shop and forgetting to fill up the generator before you leave. As long as your vehicle is running, so is the light.

Of course, while the Will-Burt Night Scan Light works great in emergency situations, it’s also helpful in any job that takes place outside. Whether you’re putting in late nights on the construction site or on the farm, the Will-Burt Night Scan Light can help provide you with an easy way to see. It’s also great for towing as it provides a bright, adjustable spotlight for you to work with.

One of the best parts about the Will-Burt Night Scan Light is that you can control where the light is angled. It provides 360 degrees of light by being able to face opposite directions. This makes it so you can always see what you need to thanks to how convenient it is.

Finally, it has an optional wireless remote. The convenience this offers is very nice as it lets you control the light while away from your vehicle. You can make adjustments as you work to ensure you can see better. This fine-tuning can keep you safe and able to see as you work.

Lucky for you, this light is now available at Item #: WB-721560057

Get more out of your carrier’s winch line with Zip’s Side Puller Recovery Tool

Create the angle you need for a side recovery with your car carrier with Zip’s Side Puller Recovery Tool. Designed for both steel and aluminum decks, this mechanical pulley guide system attaches to the tailboard of your rollback and directs your winch line 180 degrees to the left or right and 90 degrees downward. This versatility prevents your carrier from taking up too much room on the highway and also allows you to retrieve vehicles from tight parking spots. Order Item #: ZP-SPZ at

Access Tools Telsa Lockout Tool

Teslas require a special tool when a lockout occurs. Due to the shape of their manual release, usual lockout tools don’t always get the job done. The Tesla Tool from Access Tools is made specifically to work with their manual release.  It also comes with two Wonder Shields that let you protect the tool from coming in contact with the window glass. This is important as the thin laminated glass used in Tesla windows are harder to work with than traditional tempered glass. Stay prepared by picking up the Tesla Tool today at! Item#: ACT-TT

Light Up Your Carrier Bed with Maxxima’s LED Utility Flood Light Bar

Not every dispatch occurs during daylight hours. That’s why you need Maxxima’s LED flood light utility bar. Thanks to its 120 LEDs, this compact, rectangular work light produces a flood beam pattern with 3,000 lumens, enough to light up any car carrier bed at night or in low-light situations. Measuring 29.5″ long, the aluminum extruded light head can be adjusted for precise, directional lighting, and the steel supports can be surface mounted to provide the right setup for the area being illuminated. The polycarbonate lens means it can withstand the elements, and the five-year warranty ensures longevity for the buyer. Order Item #: MTBL-10-A at today.

Get More Done with the Lokithor JA2500 4-in-1 Portable Jump Pack and Air Compressor

The only thing worse than a flat tire is a dead battery, especially when you are already running behind. Remedy both situations with a multi-function jump starter from Lokithor. Besides delivering enough energy to jump start most gasoline and diesel engines, this 12V, 2500A power pack is also equipped with a built-in air compressor that’s capable of producing up to 150 pounds of air pressure. Get back on schedule with this convenient and rechargeable jump pack. It’s easy to store in your vehicle, and it’s very easy to use with a digital indicator panel. Order Item #: JA2500 at