Advantages and Benefits of Lite It Wireless Bars

Manufactured by Custer Products, there are many advantages and benefits of the Lite It Wireless towing light bar.

We are pleased to reveal some new features in this article. The first things you must have on your wireless light bar are LED lights.  There are many advantages to having LED lights compared to incandescent lights. Some obvious reasons are that LED lights are brighter. They last longer and pull less amperage from your battery than incandescent lights. Less known facts about LED lights are that the life span is up to six times longer with unsurpassed reliability, and they have better tolerance to extreme weather, vibration, and shock. No longer are there fragile wire filaments in each light.  Instead, they have light, emitting diodes (LED) that illuminate the products.

The corded tow bar options are available with LED lights and a polyethylene case.  They’re made from the exact material of our wireless bars.  You can see availability of all styles and sizes of website, The most recent, updated technology is in the wireless bars.


The newest improvement introduced in the Lite It Wireless light bars is an external battery option now available. Recently, Custer Products launched a new line of wireless bars with an external 20-volt battery mounted on the bottom of the bar. This lithium battery option can be a game changer, especially for longer hauls, across state tows, and added hours of operation during the winter months.  The battery slides into the battery plate and power restored! You can keep additional batteries charged without having to get inside the light bar.  Simply slide off the discharged battery and put a freshly charged battery on the bottom of the bar.  You are ready again, with minimal time lost.

Our new external battery plate is designed to use Custer Products 20 volt or the Milwaukee M18 and DeWalt style batteries. You may order our 36”, 48”, or 60” wireless light bars with or without the battery and charger. If you have your own, maybe from a power tool, etc., you can use it on our bars.  It can save some money. The above-mentioned bars also have additional strobe or flasher options available.

So, you have one (or more) of our wireless light bars and want to know, “Can I convert my wireless bar to the external battery bar?” The answer is YES. Our LIW Team can convert your internal battery bar to an external battery bar. The cost is fair, and the upgrade is great. The bar you want to convert will have to be registered with Custer Products, or proof of purchase required. Our customer service team is ready to direct and help you with this process, give us a call today.


We require that all wireless light bars are registered by filling in the paperwork included with every LIW purchase and forward to our office.  If you do not have the form to send in, you can download one from our website.  It is important that the serial number on the bar gets documented for 2 reasons.  First, this ensures that you can get warranty work done if needed within the terms of the warranty policy.  Secondly, if you lose your bar, or someone finds it, you will be protected from someone else purchasing a transmitter to operate that bar.  Our bars do not operate like the “other” bars, so the transmitters are not interchangeable.  The independent programming prevents cross-talk with other bars on the same frequency which is another benefit of Lite It Wireless.

When your bar is registered with us, there is an advantage to having a warranty available to you from Custer Products.  Since we manufacture the bars right here in our warehouse, we can assess and fix all problems quickly.  After you’ve registered your light bar with us, we can perform warranty work for you at no charge or even with a minimal charge.  If the serialized bar is within the proper warranty timeframe, we will do our best to fix any problems, replace broken parts, and get the bar back to you as quickly as possible.

As always, the customer service team is ready to process your order, answer questions, or send you more information so you can order the products that best meet your needs.  You can place orders through our website, become a dealer, receive the monthly newsletter, or join our Facebook page for updates.

So, let’s get connected!