Prioritize Safety and Efficiency with Golight

Let’s face it, the Tow industry is dangerous business. According to NIOSH, Tow professionals are more than two times as likely to be injured on the job as workers in general. That statistic is no doubt bolstered due to the proportion of tow work done at night in low light areas. In those circumstances, perfectly positioned lighting is more than a convenience; it is a tool that greatly influences on the job safety. Golight has been designing precision remote control lighting to assist the working men and women of America for nearly 30 years, and we keep getting better!

Golight, Inc. is a privately held manufacturing company nestled in the heartland of the United States. In December of 1992, the idea of the remote control spotlight was born. After many engineering drawings, tooling refinements, and prototypes, the first Golight was available for sale in the summer of 1994. Since then, Golight has set the industry standard in remote control lighting. Our lights are in service around the world, lighting the way for everything from military vehicles in theater to snow plows in Alaska and everywhere in between.

In the past 28 years, there have been numerous upgrades to our original product line. Each update incorporates the latest technology to bring our customers the best possible product. Our commitment to quality and durability can be found in every detail of our lights. We take great pride in the industries we serve and the products we provide.

2022 is bringing some bright new changes to Golight with the introduction of the all new Wired Stryker ST. It incorporates all of the features of our Wireless remote ST units, but in a hard wired platform.

  • The Stryker ST stems from the original Stryker product line. It features
  • Multiple Unit Selector Function – Allows for control of 2 units with 1 remote, either independently or in tandem
  • Home Position Function – On-Command return to 0° home
  • New Control Technology Benefits – Simultaneous Pan + Tilt – no opportunity for wireless interference
  • Backlit remote buttons
  • 2 speed rotation and tilt—fast for quick scanning, slow for precise control.
  • UV and Saltwater Resistance
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket
  • 5 year warranty.
  • Optional flood lens for wide area coverage.

The Stryker ST Series are available in LED or Halogen with our LED units now providing 32% more power boasting 544,000 Candela with a Max Beam Distance of 4,839 ft.  They are both available in Wireless or Hard-Wired remote configurations and Permanent Mount or Portable Magnetic Mounting with 135° x 370° directional tilt and rotation.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what tow operators are saying

Golight Ambassador Kevin Martinez said “After a year using the Golight GT SERIES light on my wrecker, it made life so much easier. This light has come in handy looking for disabled motorists in dark areas and bad weather to providing extra scene lighting on recovery. I, 100% recommend Golight to anyone looking for a light to help in the towing and recovery industry.”

James E. Lewis, a veteran to the tow industry, said that “The remotes were big enough and the buttons were manageable enough to where I didn’t have to take off my gloves to use them. That was a blessing in 16-degee weather and blowing snow.” He went on to say “I lost count of the number of times I reached into my pocket, paired the pair of lights together, and moved them in tandem to focus more of that radical lighting on our work scene… Even though it was 2 am we lit the place up like a football stadium… No slacking the lines to reposition the truck, no running up and down a 60-degree hill in a foot of snow. With the winch remotes on the tow units and the wireless remotes for the lights, we could get a safe distance away from our recovery trucks and the unit being recovered and make all the magic happen.”