Custer Products Covers Your Lighting Needs

Custer Products was formed in 1993.  Custer’s first products were manufactured on assembly lines in North Canton, Ohio.  These products included Magnetic Work Lights, Retractable Battery Jumper Cables, Trouble Lights and Magnetic Tow Lights for RVs.   Custer has had many changes since the early days in the 1990s.  When we started, we were manufacturing products for large retail stores.  Many of the stores we manufactured for were driven out of business or merged with even larger big box stores.  Custer adapted by manufacturing and private labeling products for manufacturers that wanted to add to their product line who had presence in the larger stores.  In fact, today, Custer still has products that are private labeled in larger retail stores.

Another step of the evolution was to enter the towing market.  We became involved in the towing market somewhere around 1995.  This was one of the best decisions that we ever made.  I’m sure there are some people who remember Al.  Al would attend the Tow Shows and would show our latest products and look for distributors or potential distributors to sell the products.  As the sales increased, we expanded our product offerings.  We went from offering only a few items to offering hundreds of items.  The LED Lights and Safety Strobe lights were a great addition to the product line.  This allowed us to meet and talk to many towers who were interested in updating their trucks from incandescent lighting to the new LED lighting.  

In 2013, we expanded the product line again by acquiring Blades Tow Right, Inc.  This allowed us to expand our line of tow lights to include the larger tow bars and wireless tow lights.  We spent several years updating the technology for the wireless line and are confident in or high-quality bars. Please consider a Lite-It Wireless when making your decision on a light bar. In 2018, Custer Products moved from North Canton, OH to Massillon, OH.  We still do a lot of manufacturing at the Massillon facility including all of the Lite-It Wireless and magnetic tow lights.

Custer Products is most recognized as a lighting company.  All of Custer’s lights are quality made to specifications that are higher than similar products.  All of our lights are warrantied.

Custer Products can be found at many of your favorite towing distributors.  If your distributor does not sell the Custer or Lite-It line, contact us and we will help you find the product.  Also, if  you would like more information on our products, look on or call us at 1-800-490-3158.