Wrecker Mounted Light Towers Increase Revenue and Safety

The dark of night creates the most perilous recovery conditions. Add inclement weather to the mix and the risk of property damage and injury increase dramatically. The best way to reduce these risks and increase revenue is with a wrecker mounted Night Scan HDT light tower by Will-Burt.

Night Scan HDT delivers up to 90,000 lumens of light from 15 feet overhead which turns night into day. The height reduces glare and shadows – something push-up lights and wrecker mounted lights cannot do. A wrecker mounted light tower eliminates the need for a lighting trailer which minimizes equipment and labor costs. Make more money by not only completing the job more quickly but by charging for the use of the light tower like many other tow professionals. $250 / hour is the average charge.

Optional video packages can be added to the tower to record the recovery operation. The recording can be used for billing, insurance and training.

The Night Scan HDT is available as both a vertical tower which can be mounted in a space as small as 12”
or in a fold-down version that is easily fitted on top of a tool box or other flat surface. Both versions can be incorporated into a new build or be added to an existing wrecker.

Contact Will-Burt today to learn more about how Night Scan HDT can improve your bottom line while improving safety.