BigEasy Lock Out Kit for Professionals

Security Access to Unlock Cars for Emergencies in seconds without damaging cars.

Tow Drivers unlock cars in seconds without damaging car doors by using Steck Manufacturing’s BigEasy Lockout Tool. Over the last 15 years this one tool has become the tool of choice for tow truck drivers. It is simple to use by first inserting the Easy Wedge into the top of the door to allow enough room to then insert the BigEasy tool to press or hook the door lock from inside the window rather than using the door panel. The ease of the BigEasy to open doors from inside the window reduces liability issues with traditional lockout tools which have the potential to disable wiring systems inside the door panel.

Also available is our optional BigEasy Night Light (P/N 32933) which is flexible PVC suction cup illuminates the inside of a vehicle at night to allow the tow drivers to locate the vehicle interior door lock or keys while using the BigEasy Lock Out tool or other similar devices to unlock the vehicle. Also available is our BigEasy Carrying Case (32935) which stores the BigEasy and all of the components.

We also have many accessories to assist the Tower and shops like our new 4th Wheel Loader (71480) to assist moving vehicles with damaged wheels, Tie Rod Pliers (71465) and Tie Rod Coupler (71470) for temporary steering assistance.

Kits and products are available at most truck and parts supply dealers as well as from local tool supply jobbers.

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