Which factors increase the repair & maintenance costs of your truck fleet?

Keeping your trucks in peak condition is no easy feat. It is, however, vital for safety and compliance. Studies suggest that many towing operators are taking risks with their maintenance. Of course, maintenance also represents a cost. So, there are two key cost challenges here: efficiently maintaining your fleet to extend its lifetime and controlling the amount you spend on doing so.

Some of the factors that drive up repair and maintenance-related costs:

1. INEFFICIENT MAINTENANCE PROCESSES – Haphazard scheduling and inconsistent vehicle and tire checks directly increase the likelihood of costly downtime and a greater spend on truck maintenance further down the line. 

2. UNSAFE DRIVING- Drivers taking risks, braking heavily, accelerating unnecessarily, or behaving unsafely on the road will take their toll on various parts of your vehicle. Wear and tear build up over time and leads to higher repair costs. 

3. LATE DETECTION OF DAMAGE- Even if you schedule regular maintenance checks unless you have visibility over issues as soon as they emerge, there’s a risk small faults can be left to develop into major problems that require serious, high-cost repairs. 

4. LACK OF MAINTENANCE INFRASTRUCTURE- Some towing operators suffer either from not having adequate resources to handle the maintenance of their vehicles or tires in-house or from outsourcing maintenance to an unreliable partner. 

5. TIRE LIFETIME- While replacing tires will, at some point, be necessary for any vehicle owner, extending the lifetime of existing tires will help lower the overall spend.

How can Webfleet help?

WEBFLEET offers a range of hardware, software, products, and solutions that can help you decrease your costs. By choosing the right combination for your fleet, you can ensure that, at every step of your journey, you are efficiently bringing down your overall spend.

Using the WEBFLEET fleet management solution, it is possible to track data related to the routes you drive and the stops your vehicles make. 

Optimize your maintenance with vehicle data

With WEBFLEET, you can set maintenance tasks based on real-time mileage information rather than a set period. Also, vehicle diagnostic and engine trouble codes are sent instantly to the fleet manager. This means you can take action in a controlled way to solve issues before they develop into serious, costly problems. A maintenance task is automatically scheduled as soon as a vehicle reports a trouble code. All of this helps avoid repairs, vehicle downtime, and administrative distractions.

Encourage more cost-effective driving.

WEBFLEET gives you access to a range of data points, creating complete visibility over how your drivers perform behind the wheel. The OptiDrive 360 approach provides valuable insights across eight key areas: speeding, driving events, idling, fuel, constant speed, coasting, green speed, and gear shift.

Plan better routes, use less fuel. 

Even the best driver can use more fuel than is necessary if they are on the wrong route. The professional truck navigation of the PRO Driver Terminal series from Webfleet shows truck drivers the most suitable routes for them, so there’s less chance of driving unnecessary miles. It also offers access to up-to-date traffic information to keep you out of traffic jams where idling can increase fuel consumption.

 Improve driver vehicle inspections with a simple checklist

WEBFLEET Vehicle Check digitizes your drivers’ day-to-day walkaround inspections. The mobile app minimizes paperwork and streamlines the compliance process, meaning you can act quickly to resolve vehicle defects for safer operating conditions.

Access vehicle checklist reports and keeps track of open defects. Create a maintenance task with just a click to resolve defects in time for safer operating conditions.

Gain visibility over how you use fuel

Manually tracking fuel usage across your entire fleet is a time-consuming operation. A fleet management solution like WEBFLEET takes care of it for you. It allows you to monitor how fuel is consumed in real-time and analyze historical fuel usage to improve. Not only can you compare how fuel is used over time, but you also spot exceptional events, trends, and anomalies and use these insights to optimize fuel usage and operational costs. 

Improve driving behavior and lower insurance with integrated camera technologies 

Integrated technologies, such as in-cab cameras, can add even more value to your telematics. For example, while WEBFLEET will show you that a driver may have braked harshly, camera footage will reveal why they took that action and whether it was justified. This makes your vehicle and driver data even more valuable when it comes to encouraging more cost-effective driving. It also helps you quickly settle disputed insurance claims after an incident or accident on the road, reducing insurance premiums. Plus, inward-facing cameras can detect driver fatigue and distractions, reducing risk.

Taking the right measures to manage fleet costs could be key to keeping your trucks on the road and your business moving forward.  

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