Getting your Service Truck “Work-Ready,” with Towmate

Whether it be a light duty tow truck, heavy duty rotator, fire, police, or service vehicle, there is a lot of gear that it must be equipped with after it is purchased and before it can  be considered ‘work-ready.’ It can be a tedious task to track down vendors for each and every item, especially so when it comes to upfitting a service truck. Similarly, it can be a headache sorting through the various brands for everything from vehicle safety lighting and work lights to traffic control and roadside safety, to compressors and jump start solutions. Add the need for wireless controls for winches, lifts, and cranes and it is enough for one’s head to spin. Sound familiar? Fortunately there is a well known manufacturer who has continued to thrive within, and outside of, the towing industry and offers a wealth of solutions for all of the above and beyond the wireless tow lights the company is most known for. Enter TowMate. 

TowMate started from very humble beginnings with the owner flagging down tow operators to show them his new invention, wireless tow lights. As far back as 1985, he made his way around the country doing this often stopping to sleep in his vehicle when he could afford no other option. Fast forward to today and nearly every tow parts supplier in North America, and many overseas, carry the TowMate line. Most readers of this magazine are probably familiar with that story and with the strides in innovation TowMate continues to make in terms of wireless tow lights. However, fewer are likely to be aware of just all TowMate offers today for each of the needs mentioned in the above paragraph. Every TowMate dealer has access to their full product offering too so take note on what you would like more information on after reading the rest of this and be sure to ask your local supplier. 

When it comes to lights on a service truck, the setup can range from ‘four-corner strobes’ to adding an overhead light bar or even a traffic arrow at the rear. There are no lights in the world that are as rich in functionality and simple to install than the Power-Link series made by TowMate. These lights can operate off of factory wiring (think, no more running wires from the front of the truck to the rear), and are completely programmable to operate as STT/markers/strobes/work lights/all of the above in some cases. Not to mention the fact that the Power-Link overhead light bars simply require power/ground to the bar and power/ground to the controller to operate. The same is true for the traffic control arrows in this series, which come in varying lengths and with a ‘split option’ as well. And, for the win, the best part is they are made in the USA and carry a lifetime warranty on electronics and LED’s. 

“Okay, I’ve lit up my truck, but I need a way to begin warning motorists of my presence in advance of the truck, what have you got for that,” you ask? While there are many options for portable lighting systems and LED flares in the market, none exceed the brightness of the MO-PRO “move over LED flare.” With its 105LB pull magnetic base, four light patterns (red flare / red-blue strobe / amber-white strobe / solid white area light), along with a 16 hour run time on a single charge, the MO-PRO is the most versatile portable light we have ever seen. Built to a higher standard and including a hard-shell carrying case, you will not regret adding one to your service trucks repertoire. Want to add one more layer of safety for the roadside jobs? TowMate has developed a perimeter warning system, the ‘Safety Alert System,’ that alerts roadside workers when a vehicle has potentially crossed into their work area.

Aside from lighting and roadside safety, TowMate has also evolved to address other areas of service truck needs. Namely, the VoltMate line of toolboxes with built in jump start, power, and air, comes to mind. Turn an ordinary pickup truck into a service truck by adding 115V AC power, 2100 cranking amps of jump start, and 125psi of air @4cfm all in one convenient and easy to install box. Available in 12V or 12V/24V DC power, chest or crossover style boxes, and installing with a chassis ground and a power lead to the positive terminal of the truck battery… the VoltMate series is a force to be reckoned with. 

Finally, with the acquisition of Mobile Control Systems, TowMate now offers and manufactures a full range of radio remote solutions for winches, lifts, cranes, and more. The Valve-Mate series is, once again, one of the most simple-to-install remote valve operating systems in the world and comes at a highly competitive price. Manufactured right next door to TowMate’s main operations, held to the same quality standards, and carrying a lifetime warranty on electronic components, the Mobile Control Systems remote solutions should definitely be considered when making your next purchase. 

All of that said, you can rest easy knowing that you do not have to look far and wide to find what you are needing to set up your next service truck. TowMate and their vast product offerings have you covered. Talk to your local TowMate dealer today! 

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