TowMate®, is a company that was started out of necessity. After spending countless nights on the side of a dangerous road or in inclement weather conditions, Towing/Salvage professional Bryan Anderson, now President/Owner of TowMate®, had an epiphany.

“One night in the cold of winter, I was needing to connect some tow lights, and it didn’t work. I was
thinking, Good grief… We put men on the moon, I suppose there should be some radio controlled tail lights out there somewhere, and if not, I’ll be the one to make them,” said Bryan Anderson on his recent appearance on the television show “World’s Greatest”. Bryan started right away, gathering resources, family and friends, and built what is now the worlds most popular Wireless Tow Lighting Systems Manufacturer, TowMate®.

Starting on his first wireless lighting bar in 1989, Bryan built TowMate® around the idea of creating a
company that provided safety and security for the working professional. Bryan spent the next two decades developing the technology, sourcing higher quality components, and finally developing his own in-house electronics manufacturing. The TowMate® headquarters, now located in beautiful Rogers, AR, is home to the entire TowMate® Family, and now outputs over 1,000+ light bars per week… and thats not even counting TowMate’s® innovative new technology, Power-Link®.

Moving into the industrial, law enforcement and fire/emergency industries, TowMate® has quickly become the professional/municipal industry standard for reliability and ease of use. Power-Link®, TowMate’s® newest technology, has revolutionized vehicle lighting installation. Capable of operating on existing power wires, Power-Link® allows the user to control all the lights on the vehicle. From bright visible strobing, to a powerful work light, the user can be safer, and work more efficiently than ever before. With this simple installation, your fleet is ready faster, installation costs are lower, and your overall reliability and ease of use is increased exponentially.

The future is very BRIGHT with TowMate®, as they continue to develop new and more cost effective technologies. Not surprising, the TowMate® product line covers a very wide spectrum of uses, from TowMate’s® #1 top selling wireless tow light bar, the TM22G, also known as the “LimeLight” developed as our entry level system, all the way up to the 122” inch Power-Link® light bar, the PLC122, specifically designed for the Large Scale Construction/Municipal Industry. The TowMate® RV and Mobile Home Lighting systems, the new Handheld TMPRO-3-1 strobe/flashlight, and the ever popular SAS-RC roadside safety system are a few of the other products TowMate® proudly sells. With the introduction and wide acceptance of the smartphone, TowMate® has developed a full set of Bluetooth controllable options for the TowMate® product line. With the ability to control your lights from your phone, you don’t have to be inside your vehicle to control your lights; extremely helpful for law enforcement and towing professionals.

TowMate® will continue to bring new technologies to the safety lighting industry. Bryan’s steadfast vision
of providing a safe, easy to use product to the public and his strong sense of creating family values
within his company has helped to ensure TowMates’® continued success. Along with word of mouth and a reputation that competitors strive for, TowMate® backs up every product with a Lifetime Warranty. All
electronics and lights are covered, and if there ever is an issue our professional tech staff will happily
assist you in repairs or replacement. Find out why TowMate® has become the world’s most popular wireless lighting system manufacturer. To find a dealer near you and for more information about TowMate® wireless light bar or full featured Power-Link® light system, you can visit us online at,, or give the friendly and experienced sales staff at TowMate® a call at, 800-680-4455.