ServiCase is the forefront of technology… and good for Business.

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In a ditch in Dallas? Bad brakes in Buffalo? 

As freight transportation continues to increase and the ravages of the upcoming summer heat shred tires and boil batteries, there is an increased demand for service providers to get freight moving again.  The traditional model of searching or “shooting in the dark” for a provider, hoping you get one that returns your calls and doesn’t rip you off was great for 1995.  However, as technology has advanced, so has the demand from carriers and fleet managers for a flexible and transparent breakdown experience.   Introducing ServiCase.  ServiCase is a revolutionary software system available to fleets from single owner operators to those with thousands of power units.  Unlike traditional directories, ServiCase allows users the ability to not just search for a towing, road service, or other service provider, but also allows users to select and digitally dispatch the call as well.  During the event, ServiCase delivers electronic status updates back to the carrier providing the clearest indication of when the asset will be back on the road.

At its core, ServiCase is a roadside breakdown case management system from the same people that brought you towPartners and sureEcosystem.   The system allows trucking company drivers and/or fleet managers to locate towing and roadside mechanical service providers quickly and to establish electronic interactions.  ServiCase can also be used as a case management system allowing carriers to track breakdowns and events through to completion including event status, photos, invoices, etc.  ServiCase provides carriers access to over 60,000 service providers with the ability to store private notes and ratings for the service providers with whom they engage.

ServiCase is a plus for your bottom-line.

When your company is listed in ServiCase, you become a part of one of the most sophisticated networks available for roadside breakdowns. As more and more carriers adopt ServiCase as their breakdown platform, your business is exposed to fleets looking for the services you offer.

ServiCase allows you control your own listing.

ServiCase is different from other search services in that the provider can update their own information such as services offered, rates, insurance coverage, contact numbers, hours of operation, and more. Service providers are not charged for jobs they receive through ServiCase and there is no bidding for higher positions in the results listings. Unlike some other breakdown platforms, ServiCase does not charge variable fees for large markets and does not dictate rates, though many listed providers are extending their commercial account rates to carriers using ServiCase. Nothing is marked up by ServiCase because payment is made directly to the service provider by the carrier user.

Connected Digital Software Providers

The ServiCase breakdown management software is exceptional in that it can connect carriers and fleets directly to service providers through many of the commercially available dispatch software platforms including Beacon, FullBay, InTow, TOPS, Towbook and Omadi, and more than a dozen others.

When a breakdown occurs, carriers and fleet managers create a case in the ServiCase tool providing all of the information about the vehicle and the type of service that is required.   When the service provider is digitally connected, jobs can be assigned directly to the providers dispatch software.  The case information is sent to the software package providing an alert and the information about the new job.  Once the ETA is accepted, the service provider is dispatched, creating a live call in the service providers dispatching software.

ServiCase optimized for Mobile interaction

ServiCase has been optimized for carrier drivers by allowing them to search and digitally dispatch their event.  This action creates a connection between the driver’s mobile device and the service provider software system.  Once the connection has been established, information and updates about the call are automatically updated to the driver’s phone.  ServiCase now offers the operator a clear picture of when their truck will be back on the road.

How to register your company with ServiCase

ServiCase is currently looking for partners in the service provider community who can support carriers across a wide variety of service types.  Service providers can visit to register their company.  For the remainder of 2021, ServiCase is providing companies with a free starter listing with additional listing upgrades available online.