How to stop working harder – Make your business work for you

Towing is extremely rewarding, but not without its challenges. As I talk to business owners across the country I hear them express their concerns. Consistently I hear that Towing Operators are… Upset by increased truck and maintenance costs. Fed up with motor clubs squeezing profits out of tow operators’ hands. Frustrated with increased competition stealing … Read More

Working Together. Succeeding Together. Teamwork in Action.

When people ask me how an organization the size of Insurance Auto Auctions (IAA) operates so smoothly, I like to tell them our success is a result of teamwork in action. Whether it’s internal or external, our combined achievements depend on a network of talented people with a passion for the automotive auction industry working … Read More

Increasing Sales

By Dan Messina The sales position at your company is the most important position in the company. Selling your services brings you the revenue to run your business. The sales position is also the hardest position to fill. It’s a certain kind of skill that not everyone has. In the towing industry, the owner will … Read More

Reacting to Problems

Reacting to Problems By Dan Messina I’m sure that if you were watching the news for the past month or so, it was nothing but Ray Rice and how he abused his wife and what a problem it created for the NFL. Everyone got involved, and everyone offered their opinion. I watched different talk shows … Read More


Whether it’s stopping to inspect a job site or recording your business transactions, your vehicle has become a mobile office. Having an organized area with your work tools and your electronic equipment is a must. Let’s take a look at some clever ways you can stay clutter-free. SEAT STORAGE SYSTEMS When it comes to creating … Read More

Saving $$$$$$

By Dan Messina As a business owner, you are always thinking of ways to add revenue to your business. When I ran my business, there were only so many services we could offer to make money. In business, as in your personal life, there are two parts of the equation for financial survival. You can … Read More

Surviving the Slow Periods

By Dan Messina I was golfing with a friend of mine, and I asked the big question, “How is your business?” There was a pause and a change of tone in his voice, and he said it was his slow period and business was slow. I hear this a lot when I talk to towers. … Read More

Towing: The Future

By Dan Messina For the past two years, I’ve been telling towers how the industry is changing. Social media now plays a big part of our everyday life, our customers have gotten smarter, and they expect a better service, but the biggest change taking place is companies bidding for city contracts. In the past, if … Read More


I was giving a seminar in Baltimore to about 70 business owners on the value of the employees that work for you. After the seminar, an owner approached me with a question. He stated that he hates to go to work and that he hates most of the employees that work for him and that the feeling was mutual.

The Customer / The Service

By Dan Messina Over the years, the customer has gotten smarter and smarter. They are better educated at all things in life, including service. Today’s customer has experienced it and they like it. You can no longer ask them to choose between lower price or better service; they want both. Offering a good service can … Read More