Close More Sales by Listening

When God was forming the world and creating human kind, He gave humans two ears and one mouth. Why? He could have easily given us two mouths and only one ear. Even though we look more uniform or balanced with only one mouth and an ear on each side of our face, God was really … Read More

Can You Pledge $5?

Did you know? Those of us in the towing industry could help support the families of our fallen brothers and sisters that were killed in the line of service with a small donation of only $5. That’s right, only $5. If every person or company within the towing and recovery industry reading this article gave … Read More

Nothing Happens Until You Take Action

Nothing Happens Until You Take Action I have been speaking in the towing industry since I had hair (and brown hair at that). Now my hair looks like I served at the Last Supper. Over those years I’ve tried different techniques to inspire audiences to achieve success. Systematically, this one works very well. Results are … Read More

Growing Your Business with “User-Friendly” Techniques

Have you ever asked yourself, “When will my business finally take off? Newsflash!! Most towing business owners would admit to asking similar questions before they finally made it. When you first started your business, whether you inherited it or not, your goal, no doubt, was making it successful and watching it grow. There were things … Read More

Why People Don’t Set Goals

Only five percent of all people have goals and only one percent writes them down. Why don’t the other 95 percent do the things they know they should to be successful? Are they afraid? Lazy and have no follow-through? This month’s article reviews the factors that hold us back. “Successful people are successful because they’re … Read More

Caesar, The Mule

I heard a funny story about a farmer who had a mule name Caesar that fell into an abandoned well fifty feet deep. The farmer really loved this old mule. When he surveyed the situation, he realized there was no way to rescue old Caesar. The well was very narrow, and Caesar was crammed at … Read More

Baltimore Tow Show through DJ’s Eyes

Once again, I am delighted to report of a place I’ve been to for 18 years. Sixteen of those eighteen years, I have seen it up close because I’ve spoken there 16 times myself. It’s my privilege today to report on 2 wonderful companies, Jerr-Dan and Auto Data Direct, and an amazing man, the world-famous … Read More

Picture, Prayerize, Materialize

Picture, Prayerize, Materialize By D.J. Harrington, CSP Consider this phrase: “Picturize, Prayerize, Materialize.” Sometimes what you see and hope to get will materialize.It will happen and won’t be just a dream. The phrase “Picturize, Prayerize, Materialize” reminds me of something that I really wanted years ago. At the time, I was speaking at a convention … Read More

Unity vs. Uniformity

By DJ Harrington Some people confuse the word “Unity” with the word “Uniformity,” but these words are not synonymous. Here’s why they’re not the same. Uniformity is when everyone or everything looks alike. We see uniformity throughout the week at places such Sunday morning when the church choir sings while wearing matching robes. They dress … Read More

What a Show

Wow! Amazing! What a wonderful show! It was a “show of shows.” Pictures are included so you can see for yourself what you experienced or missed. Towers came from countries as far away as South Africa and New Zealand and from four other states besides those from Wisconsin to attend the annual convention in Wisconsin … Read More