Will-Burt Night Scan HDT

The Night Scan HDT as been developed to meet the unique needs of the Recovery and Towing industry. Heavy wreckers and rotators benefit from the maximum height and light output of the Night Scan HDT Powerlite. The Powerlite version is available as a surface-mount folding version when there is sufficient space or a vertically-mounted model that requires only a 12” x 12” space for installation. Both are 15’ tall when extended, have dual-tilt light heads that cast 120,000 lumens of LED light in all directions to insure you don’t miss a thing. The height of the six Night Scan XL200 LED lights turns night into day and will not blind your crew.

Oncoming traffic will be alerted to the scene from a safe distance. Night Scan HDT comes with everything needed for installation. The major truck manufacturers can install the light tower during a new build or the light tower can be installed by dealer or upfitter. They can even be installed on older equipment by your own shop. Best of all, no generator is needed to power the light tower – the efficient Night Scan XL200 LED lamps operate from your truck’s power system. Night Scan HDT is available in smaller sizes for rollbacks and tow trucks, and we also offer a full range of specialized LED lighting for every vehicle.