What is the Access Tools Difference?

Since 1986, Access Tools has traveled the road to becoming the leading manufacturer of automotive lock out equipment for the Towing Industry. Our products have achieved the respect of car opening professionals worldwide due to the highest quality control, consistent innovation, and superb customer service, year after year. 

Access Tools products make your job easier and more professional when working as a Tow Truck Operator or Repossession Agent. The process of Car Opening can either be easy and profitable, or difficult and costly. Access Tools products are designed to make every lockout efficient and professional whether the technician is a seasoned pro or novice. 

The One Hand Jack and Super One Hand Jack are unique wedges that function as pry-bars grabbing just the lip of the door frame avoiding any contact with the weather stripping or other delicate parts of the door typically damaged by traditional wedges. 

Access Tools takes a simple item like a Long Reach Tool and turns it into a high-end professional tool by adding some unique features. Access Tools makes a wide variety of Long Reach Tools in all different lengths and for a variety of vehicles. The popular Quick Max Long Reach Tool shares many of the same features as the other Long Reach Tools, such as: 

  • a protective vinyl coating that prevents damage to a vehicles delicate painted surface; 
  • a special EPDM rubber tip that provides excellent grip for manipulating buttons and switches; 
  • a Store-N-Go Handle that holds extra tips for the long reach tool as well as a place to clip the accessory bag; 
  • precise bends that put the tool in the right position for any job. 

Other tools in the industry are painted or powder-coated which easily scratches a vehicles delicate painted surface. A long reach tool can be used to pull a door handle, push an unlock button, pull a trunk or hood release lever, push a key fobs buttons, or grab a keyring. 

Access Tools also makes a variety of Air Jack air wedges designed to help spread the door away from the vehicle, giving the user enough space to insert a Long Reach Tool. These include the:

  • Mini Starter Air Jack for soft metal / painted b-pillars
  • Standard Air Jack that is functional on virtually every vehicle
  • Super Air Jack that tackles heavy duty door frames
  • Twin Air Jack that works well on stiff door frames.

Each of the four sizes of the Air Jack air wedges from Access Tools are manufactured of ballistic nylon, which makes them extremely durable. They feature unique rounded edges, which in combination with the internal stiffener, make any Access Tools air wedge easy to insert into a vehicle without risk of damage to the delicate weather stripping. The extremely durable ballistic nylon is double sealed at all seams, making them leak proof and strong enough to last for many years without failure.         

Access Tools also manufactures a line of Button Master tools that is second-to-none in construction and quality. The difficult job of handling a vehicle with a vertical lock button is turned into a beautiful ballet of car opening procedures when using the right tools.

The standard Button Master, Stainless Steel Button Master, Heavy Duty Button Master, and extra-long Mega Master all feature the same protective coating as the other Access Tools Long Reach Tools. These tools are extremely flexible and allow the user to bend the tool into any desired position for any vehicle application. They all feature improved internal no-curl wire technology that enables these tools to open thousands of vehicles during their lifetime. 

The Glassman Wedge is designed specifically for frameless window vehicles such as high-end BMWs, Mercedes, and other convertible vehicles. These vehicles are susceptible to easily broken windows when using traditional wedge methods, and so the Glassman Wedge functions as a protective double-sided wedge that distributes the force of your long reach tool over a wide surface of the glass, reducing the chances of shattering an expensive window. 

Access Tools has compiled its tools into various sets or kits of tools. Access Tools makes a set of tools for every budget and level of expertise making unlocking any vehicle from a Toyota to a Jaguar a cinch. The addition of specialty accessories and tools is another thing that makes Access Tools unique. 

The popular One Hand Jack Set is the most widely used car opening tool set in the industry, consisting of the basic components like the Quick Max Long Reach, One Hand Jack Tool, Air Jack Air Wedge, and Button Strip Tool. The Ultimate Long Reach Kit shown here is the most complete Long Reach Tool set available from Access Tools and contains many of the tools manufactured by the company. With the right tools on hand, any job can be done quickly, efficiently, and safely. This is the Access Tools difference.

For more information, visit www.accesstoolsusa.com