ParkingPass – Parking Management Made Easy

For the longest time, apartments, condominiums, and homeowner’s associations have been leaning on towing providers to clean up their properties and remove unwanted vehicles and unauthorized occupants with archaic systems that require vehicles to have physical parking decals that are hard to manage, and expensive for towing operators. Are you tired of having to give vehicles back because a decal sticker fell off or your enforcement team couldn’t see it properly during overnight hours? Do you want your sales team to focus on growing the business and stop wasting their time being a decal delivery service to the clients?

All of the headaches and costs that come with managing parking for private properties ends with ParkingPass is the nation’s leading provider in paperless parking management, which eliminates the necessity for physical parking decals, offers better management for resident and guest passes, and puts the responsibility back on the residents of the community. Drivers and spotters shouldn’t have to worry or be confused when towing vehicles, which is why ParkingPass takes any of the guess work on permit statuses out of their    hands and provides a clear process that these monitors can follow to effectively violate these vehicles, while having peace of mind that the system has their backs. ParkingPass utilizes state of the art mobile license plate reader (LPR) technology by leveraging integrations with mobile applications that do not require the use of physical LPR equipment…which can run several thousands of dollars to equip on one vehicle/truck. Your enforcement team can simply drive through the property scanning every license plate parked at the property, decreasing patrol times while increasing towing. With our real-time database sync, an alert will appear for any vehicles that have a parking status issue or not registered at the property. This makes it easy and quick to find PPI tows, without the need to search for decal stickers. Less givebacks, less risk, and more revenue.

When you work with ParkingPass to grow your PPI business, understand that you’re not working with just a software company, but a team that wants to forge a partnership with you and your organization. Since we are a national company, we can leverage and open doors with property management companies, that otherwise, a tow vendor may never have the opportunity to book. We work very closely with our towing vendors to ensure that all parties have a successful and positive experience with our program, and constantly soliciting feedback. Let us do all of the leg work of bringing the clients online.  You and your team can focus on what you know best…towing.

Below are several key features about our ParkingPass system:

Paperless Parking Registration

Each community is provided with a unique keyword to organize all resident applications on our online website ( Residents are only allowed to request approval for maximum number of resident vehicles permitted at the property.

Resident Approval Portal

A verification system that ensures that only authorized residents are issued parking permits. The management and association can now organize all renters with their proper lease expirations and ensure that all vehicle paperwork is up to date. Our system can be customized to require the attachment and upload of vehicle insurance, registration and a copy of the driver’s license.

Online Guest Vehicle System

Effortless guest vehicle registration managed directly by residents online (no paper to manage). In fact, properties can customize guest parking to be hourly, daily, free, paid or any combination that they see fit. This allows them the opportunity to keep out unauthorized occupants, while creating the ability to generate and boost property income through paid guest passes. Restrict the number of active guest passes per unit, and maximum number of guest pass days per license plate number or unit.