TOPS®, Towing Operations Software

TOPS®, Towing Operations Software, initially deployed into service 21 years ago continues to provide high profile towing operations with quality enterprise class towing operations management software. With fifty million calls in the books TOPS® offers a complete, stable, and robust software offering with accountability and efficiency in mind. The most successful towing operations in the country trust TOPS® to manage their businesses. 

TOPS® manages all aspects of a tow operation from the initial tow request to the vehicle’s final disposition. The TOPS® system provides a unified and sophisticated platform for call-taking, dispatching, inventory management, lien processing, and auction administration. 

Multiple Locations – The TOPS® system can manage companies of all sizes but is the de facto standard for managing multi-company and multi-location operations providing individual company and roll-up call metrics and accounting management reports across all entities. Accountability is paramount when managing additional operations whether across town or across the country. 

Business Analysis – The TOPS®experience also includes enterprise-class support and software related business analysis. Given our years of experience with implementing software for towing companies, we are able to provide best practice analysis when incorporating your operations and their processes into the TOPS® systems. We can help you with any specific back-office nuisance and requirement associated with your contracts! 

New Features

The TOPS® Driver mobile application supports the latest requirements from Apple (iOS) and Google (Android). The iOS versions of Driver and Inventory were recently released and the Android versions will release within weeks. Users will enjoy the upgraded look and feel along with a greatly improved user experience.

The TOPS® Lien process now includes the ability to electronically mail and track the delivery of certified letters and forms, all from within the TOPS® application. This offering further streamlines the batch lien process offering a feature rich convenience for batch processing of letters and state forms. Our certified mail process turns a paper processing nightmare into a paperless process overnight.

Municipality and Police Towing Management

The TOPS® family of products also includes tools for managing Municipal and Police towing and impounding.


TOPS® Central Management Application (or TOPS® CMA for short) is a robust tool used exclusively for managing municipal dispatch and towing operations. Municipalities and management companies use TOPS® CMA to reduce time on the phone, increase data accuracy, improve tower response times, and efficiently manage tow operator contract compliance.

TOPS® CMA offers electronic tow request distribution to your contract tow operators based on options such as dispatching to the closest truck via GPS, within zones, through rotation management, or any combination of the above. TOPS® CMA manages arrival/ETAs, call rejections, call cancels, reporting, complex search and real-time call messaging between the municipality and the contract tow operators. This web-based application can accept electronic tow requests from city systems such as CAD. Tow requests are then routed to the appropriate contract tow operator based on your dispatch rules. TOPS® CMA connects seamlessly to TOPS® and other tow management packages to offer transparency of the entire towing event.

TOPS® CMA supports multi division / multi-department implementations. Not only will TOPS® CMA manage your City Police Department tow requests, but is also configurable to allow the Fire Department, City Fleets, Airport Police, Parks and Recreation, County Police Departments and State Patrols to use the same system to dispatch contracted tow operators. User Security within the system restricts access to the appropriate departments as required.

TOPS® customers utilize TOPS® CMA to further secure police and municipal contracts with robust electronic features and functionality. 

TOPS® offers a fully integrated fleet tracking application marketed under the name BudgetGPS. 

BudgetGPS is a vehicle and fleet tracking solution geared for any industry but specifically tuned to support fleet management within the towing industry. BudgetGPS integrates with TOPS® to offer a true visual dispatching tool where users view current vehicle locations as well as unassigned pickup locations and drop-off information on the same map. Icons are color coded allowing for a visual picture of calls which are in-process and those which are about to clear. Knowing when and where drivers will clear from their current call enables dispatchers to send the best / closest resource to the next job. This saves time and money. Additionally, users are able to monitor ETA’s based on mapping calculations of drive time between the truck and pickup locations.

BudgetGPS delivers a full set of features for a single low price. Features include: Live Map with 20-second updates to the map, live Google traffic and map or satellite views, Historical breadcrumb view with 6 months of history, Alerts and Monitoring for PTO, GeoFence, Ignition, and Speeding. Reports include Driver Distance, State Mileage, Stops, Speeding and more. 

BudgetGPS recently released a new Driver Behavior module and the addition of a GPS/360 Camera.

Driver Behavior features include:

  • 10 Second Updates from the vehicle
  • Harsh Braking Report
  • Rapid Acceleration Report
  • Harsh Cornering Report
  • Speeding (Street Level Posted Speed Limits)
  • Overall Driver Scoring

BudgetCAM features include:

  • GPS Tracking
  • Forward and driver facing camera using 360 degree camera technology
  • Event, On Demand and Live video
  • BudgetGPS features and functionality described above
  • Easy to install device 

BudgetGPS offers a month-to-month service with low upfront and monthly cost. BudgetGPS is developed and supported in-house by BudgetGPS! 

For more information or to schedule a demonstration please call 866-800-8677 Opt 2 or visit our websites – TOPS® – BudgetGPS – TOPS® is a Registered Trademark of TXI Systems, Inc.