Handle Any Leak or Spill with Spill Tackle

Seasoned towing and recovery professionals know to show up to an accident scene prepared to handle any mess. Front-end collisions and punctured fuel tanks tend to result in fuel spills and coolant leaks. How quickly they respond makes a huge difference, so an effective emergency response kit is typically the first line of defense.

In addition to plugs, socks, brooms, shovels and trash cans, tow operators should also carry a good amount of granular absorbent material. A top seller at Zip’s AW Direct is Spill Tackle, a lightweight organic compound made from reclaimed agricultural and forestry materials. Spill Tackle absorbs on contact and biodegrades along with the hydrocarbon fluids it traps.

Besides its environmentally-friendliness, Spill Tackle is also highly effective, much more so than traditional floor dry or kitty litter. In fact, its absorbent properties are four times more absorbent than other sweeping compounds, meaning you can do more with less. Just ask Chuck Anderson, operations manager for Valley Environmental Response at Neenah, WI.

“Using Spill Tackle has been a game changer for us. Sure, it costs more, but one 20-pound bag of Spill Tackle does the job of three to four bags of regular oil dry,” Anderson said. “It does not soak up water like regular oil dry does and is much lighter, so when you go to retrieve it and dispose of it, it is easier to recover and less expensive to dispose of.”

Safe for outdoor applications, Spill Tackle leaves no residue and can be disposed of at municipal landfills. Tests by the EPA show the compound doesn’t leach back, and the sustainable material is also “bio-preferred” by the USDA. Spill Tackle is extremely safe to use and is great for spill containment. The manufacturer stands behind their product and guarantees customer satisfaction.

At Zip’s, Spill Tackle is available in bulk quantities of 20-pound bags and is also sold in convenient response kits and handy five-gallon buckets. Smaller quantities are also available in two- and five-pound bags. The smaller sizes are resealable and can be easily stored on a shelf, under a seat or in a toolbox. The five-pound bag is also resealable and is just as effective as 30 pounds of clay.

If fuel and coolant leaks are common in your line of work, then make sure you keep Spill Tackle absorbent materials close by. Besides accident cleanup, this granular compound also works great around fuel islands and helps keep shop floors clean, dry and free from slip hazards. Learn more at Zips.com/shop-by-brand/spill-tackle.