WEBFLEET is the preferred telematics solution.

Webfleet Solutions is one of the world’s leading telematics solution providers, dedicated to fleet management, vehicle telematics and connected car services. It’s main Software-as-a-Service solution, WEBFLEET, is used by businesses of all sizes to improve vehicle performance, reduce fuel costs, support drivers and increase the efficiency of your fleet.

At Webfleet Solutions, our main objective is to understand each customer’s needs and identify which software integration would work best for them then use our world-class telematics system to deliver the information they need to accomplish their goals.

Rather than hearing it from us, we would rather let the “Voice of the Customer” speak for how we have affected their business. S&R Towing and Kingsway Towing were kind enough to share their challenges and how WEBFLEET helped in making their business more efficient.

S&R Towing – “Webfleet team has never let me down”

Owners Rusty Russell and Steve Dugan run S&R Towing, a profitable and growing 45-vehicle towing business since 1985 in nine locations and is one of the largest towing and recovery operations in Southern California.  S&R Towing’s success can be attributed to its investment in the best equipment and personnel to provide customers with professional, reliable, timely service at a competitive price.

S&R Towing averages between 75 and 100 tows a day across its locations and serves a large rural population. With a large area and distances to travel, the company depends on its dispatch and fleet management technology to allow them to communicate effectively with their drivers and customers. S&R has long relied on fleet tracking and adopted WEBFLEET in 2015.

S&R Towing has been a happy WEBFLEET customer since day one. However, it has struggled to find the same kind of relationship with a dispatch vendor. “Dispatch is critical business software. We’ve tried three different software vendors,” says Rusty Russell, co-owner of S&R Towing.

The simplicity of TowBook’s integration with WEBFLEET

S&R recently adopted TowBook. Rusty loves the simplicity of TowBook’s integration with WEBFLEET. “It took 15 minutes to set up and it is so easy to use. The TowBook/WEBFLEET integration is the best I’ve seen. In the past, we would have to put the customer on hold, call up the driver, get their location and an estimated ETA. Now, that information is available in both systems. We can dispatch the closest vehicle and give our customer a precise ETA,” says Rusty.

Rusty notes he’s always able to depend on WEBFLEET. “The team at WEBFLEET has never let me down. WEBFLEET has offered an integration into every dispatch software solution I’ve tried. Our WEBFLEET sales rep was always willing to work with me to source the right vendor partner and the right dispatch application for our business. He always had our best interests in mind.”

S&R has recently implemented forward, rear and driver camera systems for its towing vehicles. It’s early days, but the combination of WEBFLEET and the cameras recently caught an incident of reckless driving. Rusty explains, “I received a WEBFLEET alert that one of my drivers was doing 40 MPH on a dirt road. I pulled up camera footage and he was clearly driving dangerously. I was able to call the driver right away and correct that behavior. Let’s just say he’ll never be doing that again.”

Webfleet Solutions helps Kingsway make better more informed decisions about his fleet.

Ken Bach, General Manager at Kingsway Towing Group also expressed his experience with WEBFLEET.

As one of Edmonton’s leading towing companies, Kingsway Towing Group has served Edmonton and the province of Alberta since 1978. Under the leadership of Ken Bach, Kingsway has continued to be one of Edmonton’s biggest and most respected towing companies in the city, offering top-notch service to its ever-growing customer base. Kingsway’s professionally maintained fleet of 34 trucks and 25 drivers are qualified to handle any circumstance that arises. The company is committed to the most up to date safety standards and operates vehicles in small, medium and heavy-duty categories, including service trucks, three-ton wreckers, and flatbeds. The Challenge with a new vehicle averaging $150,000 or more, fleet owners/operators must find a balance between old and new when building and managing a large fleet. “Do I buy new and pay high depreciation and financing costs? Do I hold onto a vehicle and pay higher maintenance costs? Or, do I replace the chassis and get more utilization out of the rig?” says Ken Bach, owner of Kingsway Towing Group. “The right answer for Kingsway lies in data captured in WEBFLEET. By fully utilizing WEBFLEET we can maximize fleet utilization, minimize downtime and make better-informed business decisions.”

When Ken acquired Kingsway Towing Group, one of his first investments was in WEBFLEET to better track and manage his 34-vehicle fleet. “WEBFLEET allows us to maximize the number of calls we can take per vehicle per day while monitoring and managing fuel and vehicle maintenance costs. For instance, I can ensure my drivers are centralized in high demand areas and available at peak times. I can also manage idling time, drive time and PTO engagement, so our drivers and vehicles are best utilized and we are not wearing out our engines, burning fuel, or putting unnecessary miles on the vehicles while waiting for calls to come in.”

Ken’s financial model uses telematics data from WEBFLEET such as miles logged, driving incidents, engine wear and PTO engagement, and other vehicle information, such as make and model, age of the vehicle, as well as tire and maintenance costs. It allows him to wisely deploy vehicles and drivers, and decide whether to sell, maintain or refurbish vehicles — all with an eye to running the most profitable towing business possible. Ken also relies on WEBFLEET’s OptiDrive 360 to better manage driver behaviors. “Every morning when I come into the office, I open up two pieces of software — our Tracker Dispatch system and WEBFLEET,” says Ken. “WEBFLEET’s dashboard allows me to keep an eye on my fleet’s daily mileage, usage per day, miles logged per day per truck, trips per day, PTO engagement that day. WEBFLEET cuts down on our overhead and helps us reduce our costs and maximize our returns. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to maximize the utilization of trucks and positioning. It gives me everything I need to know to run my business.”

At Webfleet Solutions, we specialize in towing and we understand the specific challenges that towers face. We integrate with every major towing software which will help you get more from your dispatch software. We also have integrations to help with camera systems, ELDs, reputation management and even Slow Down and Move Over initiatives.

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