With 20 Years in the Industry, Beacon Software is Ready for Anything

The last six, tumultuous months have caused the professionals at Beacon Software to reflect on the past 20 years of progress and look ahead to the future. Beacon has stood alongside towing and roadside professionals during natural disasters, economic disruptions, and now a worldwide pandemic. We see these roadblocks as valuable challenges we can learn from to make our software even better for our customers. We are inspired every day by the courage and passion of the towing and roadside professionals we serve. Over the last 20 years, over 125 million calls were dispatched through Beacon Software, and we increased our commitment to customer security through our “SOC 2 Certification.” This certification makes us one of the few dispatch software companies compliant with the American Institute of CPAs’ criteria for secure, reliable software providers. We take pride in our progress and we have big plans for the next 20 years. The pandemic served as an opportunity to improve our software even further, so Beacon can benefit your business during any situation.

20 Years of Service: The History of Beacon Software

Today, Beacon Software has over 45,000 users in 30 countries, but Beacon’s advanced dispatch technology began (like most software projects) with a vision and a basement. Ignoring the warnings that the “internet was just a fad,” Todd Althouse, president of Beacon Software, brainstormed Dispatch Anywhere in 1980. After traveling the country consulting with towers and motor clubs, Althouse collaborated with real towing professionals to give time back to the dispatchers, accountants, and towers by developing the first cloud-based dispatch software in 2003. A short two years later, Dispatch Anywhere was put to the test after the levees failed in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. Beacon Software worked together with New Orleans-based towing company Rudy Smith Service to manage the largest towing and recovery effort in U.S. history. It was an unforgettable experience, and it inspired us to forge forward with new, powerful software that would never fail in the event of an emergency.

Beacon Software: TowLien

In addition to advanced dispatch software, Beacon developed TowLien: Your New Impound Partner. TowLien is the towing and roadside assistance industry’s number one automatic vehicle owner lienholder search and notification software. Since its inception, TowLien has helped businesses process and impound hundreds of thousands of vehicles. TowLien recently underwent a complete overall.  This latest update means users can look forward to even more great features. Learn more about the new version of TowLien at https://TowLien.BeaconSoftCo.com.

20 Years of Data

To celebrate the last two decades, Beacon Software took a look at 20 years’ worth of data, and the numbers did not disappoint. The following statistics represent the millions of towing and roadside assistance professionals we help every year.

  • Over 125 Million Calls Dispatched
  • Over 2 Million Calls Automatically Billed to Motor Clubs
  • 2 Million Job Updates Processed Daily
  • 1.2 Million Man-Hours Saved Annually
  • 1 Million Email Invoices Sent through Dispatch Anywhere in the Last 12 Months
  • Over 250 Thousand Vehicles Currently Impounded
  • Over 600 Thousand Vehicles Processed Through TowLien
  • Over 10 Thousand Mobile App Users
  • Recent Beacon Software Updates

The programmers at Beacon Software are constantly evolving our software based upon the changes and needs of the industry. We have made many updates to our programs that are user-friendly and important to the current needs of our customers. The following are seven of the most popular recent Beacon Software updates.

  1. AAA 2-Way Integration. It is now easier than ever to complete AAA jobs without exiting the Beacon dispatch software. Beacon Software has enhanced the AAA D3 import process through its flagship product Dispatch Anywhere. Users can now import calls and send AAA clear codes from dispatch or directly from drivers in the field.
  2. Samsara and AT&T Complete Integration. Dispatch Anywhere customers can now add additional tracking to their map with our completed integration with Samsara and AT&T Fleet Complete! Their connected platforms give you the flexibility to start small and expand your capabilities as your business grows.
  3. Save Job Photos on Tow Magic. This popular Dispatch Anywhere feature has expanded to Tow Magic! You can now add photos to your TowMagic jobs from the mobile application. Photos added to active jobs are saved to the Cloud so they can be referenced at any time! Visit Support.BeaconSoftCo.com.
  4. Automatic Job Services. This new Dispatch Anywhere feature automatically adds services to jobs after they have been approved or imported on desktop and mobile! Automatic Job Services saves additional dispatch time by removing the step of opening a call and manually selecting a service. Visit Support.BeaconSoftCo.com.
  5. Auditable Text-to-Speech Job Updates for Dispatch Anywhere. Text-to-Speech will read aloud the text in Dispatch Anywhere. This is a useful feature for users who are not sitting in front of a computer but still need to hear the most recently updated jobs. Text-to-Speech is also customizable, based upon your needs. Visit https://support.beaconsoftco.com/da/notifications.
  6. Mobile Square and Card Connect Chip Reader Integration. Dispatch Anywhere now supports four different integrated payment solutions, including Square and Card Connect! Dispatchers will have the ability to take payment directly through the desktop and mobile apps. This feature is especially useful for towers on the go, who need to rely on remote payment solutions. Visit http://Support.BeaconSoftCo.com.
  7. Weekly Dispatch Anywhere Performance Reports. Dispatch Anywhere customers receive weekly reports tracking jobs, offers, and impound statistics.
  8. New TowLien web application.  We have added letter automation, batch VIN submits, improved security, new dashboard, etc.  (https://towlien.beaconsoftco.com)

Additional Updates:

  • Automatically Send Vehicles to TowLien When Time to Send Lien Holder Notifications
  • Square/Paya/Card Connect/XpressPay Email Payment Options
  • Submit Jobs to Dispatch Anywhere Through Service Request Form
  • Automatically Submit jobs to Motor Clubs
  • Automatically Add Services to Jobs Based on Reason or Defaults
  • Touchless Signature – Tow Ticket and Damage Report
  • New Private Property Impound Features
  • Over 50 New or Updated Reports

If you have any questions about Beacon’s updates, we encourage you to contact Beacon support for a tutorial.

Upcoming Beacon Software Updates

There are lots of exciting Beacon Software updates on the horizon. Our focus in the coming year is to increase Dispatch Anywhere Automation Features, expand Private Property and Police Towing Automation Features, enhance Security, increase Motor Club Integrations, and more! Visit our social media for news on the most current updates.

Beacon Software’s 16 Most Popular Features

Are you taking full advantage of our 16 most popular features? If you don’t recognize some of these features, it may be time to contact Beacon Support, so you can make sure you’re using your Beacon products to the best of their abilities!

  1. Motor Club Billing
  2. AAA 2-Way Integration
  3. Smart Assign
  4. Autocomplete Address and Landmark Location
  5. Vehicle Damage Report with Signature Capture
  6. Custom Notification Sounds
  7. Driver Pre-trip Inspections
  8. VIP Scan and Magic VIN
  9. Customer Satisfaction Survey Integration with WhiteRail, OMG, MercurySend, and LIftMarketing
  10. Dispatch to Driver 2-Way Messaging
  11. QB Integration (Online and Desktop) Lien Processing through TowLien
  12. CC Merchant Account Integration
  13. Full AR Suite with Automatic Email Invoicing
  14. Driver Commissions
  15. Customizable Price and Commission Lists
  16. Uber-Like TowStatus for Customer Location Identification and Ability to Track Driver En Route to their Location.

Working Remotely with Dispatch Anywhere During COVID-19

If there is anything we have learned from recent events, it is that you never know when you will need to unexpectedly pack up and work from home. In the era of COVID-19, working responsibly now means working remotely. Thankfully, Beacon Software was designed to be your completely remote business solution from day one. Regardless, we know how difficult it is to change your routine, which is why our developers have worked around the clock to develop customized updates that will benefit our customers during the pandemic.

  1. Email and SMS Credit Card Processing. Process payments securely and remotely with Dispatch Anywhere email credit card processing. Dispatch Anywhere supports four different integrated payment solutions, so that businesses can focus on their
    bottom line.
  2. Email and SMS Receipt and Signature. Signing on the dotted line has never been easier. Send and receive digital receipts and signatures quickly and securely.
  3. Email and SMS Tow Ticket Signature Capture. Finish the job with email and SMS tow ticket signature capture, so drivers can easily get started on their next task.
  4. Email SMS Vehicle Inspection Signature Capture. Drivers cover their bases with pre-tow inspection management reporting.

Cheers to 20 More Years with Beacon Software

We want to close with a giant “Thank You” to our customers. You inspire and encourage us every day to provide the best possible towing and account management software. It’s been an impressive two decades, and we are looking forward to 20 more years of offering solutions for every size towing and roadside company. Stay tuned for further updates as Beacon develops more programs to benefit your business.

For more information, visit www.BeaconSoftCo.com