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Dangelo’s Custom Built manufacturing LLC

Dangelo’s Custom Built manufacturing LLC. Specializies in Heavy Duty towing and recovery equipment. From our newly designed 15 Ton wrecker to our massive 80 Ton Rotating wrecker we have the perfect addition to your heavy duty fleet. Founded in 2006, by Derek Dangelo, Dangelo’s Custom Built prides itself on American craftsmanship. Based in a former […]

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Manufacturer Express

At Manufacturer Express Inc., we’re committed to providing the highest quality towing and cargo control products with competitive pricing and incomparable customer service. Centrally located in Wood-Ridge, NJ, we stock a wide range of products servicing our customers in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. We offer tow chains, tow straps, snatch blocks, round slings, nylon […]

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S & J Manufacturing

S & J Manufacturing, Inc. is a manufacturer of towing & truck transportation accessories. We have been in business for 20 years. S & J is a family owned and operated company with over 60 years of experience in the industry. S & J Manufacturing was founded in Cuba, Missouri, in 1993 by Lonnie Smith […]

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Inexpensive to buy, Inexpensive to operate, Simple to install Zacklift FIFTHWHEELER owners report paying for the equipment in 6 months. The FIFTHWHEELER keeps operating costs down with low insurance costs, lighter weight for less fuel consumed and less tire wear. Buyer-friendly finance terms make it possible to make profit, not big payments. The FIFTHWHEELER arrives […]

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Yale Cordage

Looking for a safer, stronger, more maneuverable winch line that can handle all the abuse of coldand wet-weather recovery? Try Ultrex by Yale Cordage. This workhorse rope is 12 easily spliced strands of HMPE – one of the strongest and lightest fibers made – precision-braided for minimal stretch, maximum strength, and optimal sheave cycling. It […]

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Wrecker Rentals, Inc

Wrecker Rentals, Inc. provides full-service tow truck rental for the lower 48 states. They provide short-term (three-day minimum) and long-term tow truck rental of late model light duty wreckers and roll back tow trucks. They distribute trucks from Atlanta, Georgia, & Dallas, Texas, and, in most cases, can have a truck to you within 24 […]

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Side Cam

Windshield Cam’s 4 Camera Professional Truck Video Security

Windshield Cam is the original and the leader in Multi Camera Truck Video Security for commercial trucks with long 300 hour recording time. The 4 Camera Windshield Cam System records all 4 sides of the truck & trailer, protecting you 24/7 against theft, vandalism, hit & runs, traffic accidents and road rage. The 2 side […]

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VTS Systems

For many, it is time to begin 2015 planning strategies. Do you have the right mix of vehicles to service your market, the right employees, and are they well-trained? You should also look at advancing software technology. In plain terms, the market offers two types of software, PC based, and cloud-based, and each offers unique […]

Continue Reading — Not your traditional, profit-squeezing road club. is America’s new and trusted roadside assistance provider, and we’re changing the way people get roadside help. Smart on-demand, pay-per-use apps for consumers combined with advanced, real-time dispatch system for service providers is the fastest way to get connected with high margin, quality nearby jobs.’s […]

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United Plastic Fabricating

Does your chassis and boom have a lot more miles left in them? Avoid the expense of regenning and give your dependable wrecker or rotator a new life! Replace your rusted old body with a PolyBody®, Poly-Gen™ series high-impact plastic tow truck body. All body sizes and styles are available from light to heavy duty […]

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