Next Generation Tool Company

September 19, 2014By Tow ProfessionalLock Out Equipment

Next Generation Tool Company, the oldest lockout tool company in the industry, is offering great new products! The Fantastic Four Lockout Kit comes in a red, 49″ canvas case. The 44″ Long Reach-It tool, Inflatable Wedge and Rhino Pry Wedge will give you everything you need for most lockouts. Only $79.95! The All American Reach-It … Read More

TowMate Power-Link light bars brighter, more versatile!

September 19, 2014By Tow ProfessionalHooked Up

Once again, TowMate Power-Link light bars have received an upgrade. If you thought these bars were bright before, which they very much were, then get ready because TowMate has redesigned the light heads where they are now 20% brighter. Additionally, dual color heads are now available. Finally, each function can now be configured to your … Read More

Phoenix USA, Inc. Mountable Work Light

September 19, 2014By Tow ProfessionalHooked Up

Phoenix USA, Inc. Mountable Work Light provides intense, yet efficient lighting where you need it The Phoenix USA, Inc. PWLR648 mountable work light provides high-intensity light where you need it. By utilizing LED technology, this light emits a brighter beam, stays cooler, lasts longer and is extremely affordable in relation to other lighting types. This … Read More

Hooked Up

September 19, 2014By Tow ProfessionalHooked Up

Touchscreen Cut-Protection Gloves Your work gloves have one task — protect your hands from cuts, scrapes and punctures. But your hands need to do more, like using your smartphone. The new Radian® Touchscreen Cut-Protection Gloves available from AW Direct, let you tap, swipe and type on your mobile device. Plus, provide excellent abrasion, cut, tear … Read More

Virgo Fleet Supplies

September 19, 2014By Tow ProfessionalIndustry News

Virgo Fleet Supplies, the largest supplier of tow truck parts and accessories in the New York City area, has just launched its new website with thousands of items for your tow truck: The website is mobile friendly. In conjunction with our website, we offer a free full color catalog of parts and accessories to … Read More


September 19, 2014By Tow ProfessionalIndustry News

We know it takes teamwork and support to be a successful tow and service provider. We want you to know, we’re in this partnership together. We’ve been teaming up with service providers since 1968, making us an experienced choice. With our proven performance and reliability, you can count on us. Every day, our contracted service … Read More

Tow Ramps

September 19, 2014By Tow ProfessionalIndustry News

Tow Ramps, manufactured by Brute Technologies, is a Made in the USA product that was exclusively designed for tow and transport companies who deal with low-clearance muscle, import, exotic and luxury cars. Based in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, in the city of Escanaba, Brute Technologies continues to lead the industry with their solid core, patented design … Read More